Jared Savage


Jared Savage has travelled throughout the world and has had the opportunity to train, coach, mentor, and speak to many audiences. Throughout these travels, he has noticed a distinct pattern: We all relate through stories! While teaching safety professionals their roles and responsibilities, compliance training on laws and regulations, or awareness training for specific trades, it is always stories that bring them together. In Power Tools, Jared helps readers understand the foundations of people and how our behaviour patterns can lead us together in some cases or tear us apart in others, while fundamentally serving the same needs we all have for survival. Jared will help you uncover how your story can leave an impact on others, one that can change their lives for good, all through workplace training. In today’s world, communities are built where we gather, and we gather frequently in training rooms. Jared knows the training room is where the inspiration is unleashed, and power takes over.


Learn how to engage your audience and turn them on to your training programs. In the pages of Power Tools, you’ll uncover how to weave your story into your subject matter, enabling you to drive your points home, leaving a memorable impact on people’s lives.

No more will you have to wonder if you have made a difference in the workplace, as you will see the power burst at the seams after you have torqued up your employees and unleashed that power in the workplace. People will praise your classes and recommend your training programs for years to come. The content in this book will change your company, as well as your employees. Use with caution, for you will experience an awesome and mind-blowing transformation!


Your story is the most important one to tell.

  • Make sure that every dollar and minute you invest in training programs will have a positive, long-lasting, visible impact.
  • Learn how to introduce yourself and tell your story while making points and impacting the learning, remaining relevant to the topic.
  • Find out how to make everyone feel at home so they can focus on the content while you maintain a calm confidence.
  • Learn the common ground in the room, quickly and accurately.
  • Understand everyone’s behaviour patterns and how they will serve the whole room for good.
  • Learn how to draw out what your listeners already know and encourage them to draw their own picture of what they want to learn.
  • Come up with an action plan of what needs to be taught and align your content with their needs and vision.
  • Learn the easiest evaluation tool out there and check your results so you can uncover areas for improvement.
  • Discover the importance of coaching and why your training won’t work without it.
  • Motivation is maintenance!

“As a how-to guide, this book contains everything you may need to know. Brimming with straightforward strategies anyone can use to overcome the key fears associated with using Power Tools in workplace training.”
Elma Dionela, author of How to Turn Scars into Stars

“If I could read only one book on workplace training, Power Tools is the one I would choose!”
Dr. Andrea Maxim, ND, author of MAXIMized Health

“Powerful, practical and solid advice on coaching with confidence. Apply Jared savage’s knowledge and you’ll feel much more empowered.”
Jarod Anderson and T.L. Anderson, authors of Five Star Mentality

“Here is a powerhouse book of tips, tactics and approaches for coaching that simply work. A fantastic book.”
Igor Klibanov, author of Stop Exercising! The Way Your Are Doing It Now

“The information in this book just works. I knew there should be an easy way to create torque and power through training, effectively and this is it.”
Petra Laranjo, author of  Living on Purpose