Janet Brazil


Janet Brazil survived a brain injury. She had healed through performing yoga every day. She was able to do very little at first because her entire body had been traumatized—she could neither walk nor talk. However, she pushed herself to try to go further and overcome the obstacles that were holding her back. After much persistence and repetition, she felt like she has found her body again. She is a certified yoga teacher, who teaches fellow brain injury survivors and it made a huge difference in their lives.

Mrs. Brazil is the author of Heal Your Brain Faster. She came from Newfoundland, an island on the east coast of Canada. She is a survivor of a brain injury for 35 years. Yoga has helped her both mentally and physically. Janet is a yoga teacher, and she shares her yoga with brain injury and stroke survivors. Her yoga is modified to suit survivors of brain injury. She is making a huge difference in their lives. They feel more flexible and are better able to concentrate and focus. With practice, they learn how to stand straighter and balance better. She helps survivors breathe easier. They go from shallow breathing to abdominal breathing. It makes a huge difference. She is best known for helping and supporting people, for being a volunteer who shares her yoga with survivors of brain injury and stroke without any cost.


At the age of 18, Janet Brazil was involved in a serious car accident. Janet and four of her friends were driving home from a weekend getaway when a car hit them. Their car was hit on the front passenger side, which is exactly where she was seated. The seatbelt she was wearing got caught around her neck, blocking off oxygen to her brain, which resulted in a brain injury. She went from being a young, healthy and happy teenager to a physically and mentally disabled person. Her entire right side was paralyzed and she could not walk or talk. Immediately after the accident, she went from being bedridden to wheelchair-dependent, then learning how to walk with the aid of a brace. After waking from a two-week coma, she was faced with the reality of chronic pain, memory loss, brain fog, fear, and depression.

Then she found yoga. It was the solution for her. Through stretching and breathing, her flexibility was increased, her endurance and lung capacity improved, her memory was enhanced, and her blood circulation became better. All of this solved a lot of her chronic pain. Yoga exercises opened up a physical space for her, which gave her freedom from her traumatized body. She learned to train her brain with breathing and meditation to sustain any thoughts of fear, depression, and brain fog. It gave her a positive outlook toward life, which contributed to her mental and physical peace. Yoga has brought Janet back to herself. It has healed her from the inside out.


You can finally break the cycle of chronic pain, muscle weakness, depression, foggy mind and imbalance through yoga. Learn how to bring you back to yourself through breathing, asanas (yoga poses) and meditation.


By reading her book, brain injury survivors will:

• Uncover ways to get their life back on track after suffering a brain injury.
• Learn how to focus better.
• Learn better cognitive skills.
• Improve memory.
• Learn to strengthen their bodies and become more flexible through yoga.
• Discover how to have a clear and calm mind.
• Be advised to get their hormone levels checked in order to diagnose and treat fatigue and brain fog.
• Be advised to watch their gluten intake to solve pain and brain fog.
• Caregivers will understand brain injury survivors more.