James Burgess


After graduating from the University of Toronto in 1983 with an Honors degree in Commerce and Economics, James joined the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce.  James enjoyed 22 successful years with CIBC with the last 10 years as a senior leader of small business responsible for a portfolio of three quarters of a billion dollars with 30 direct reports, receiving the Chairman’s Award on three separate occasions for performance excellence. James founded Synergen-X Management Consulting Inc. in 2006 and later established the operating name of FOCUS31.   FOCUS31 enables business owners.  FOCUS31 programs; enable business owners to identify and focus on the right priorities, to think strategically and to improve the quality of their business decisions generating greater financial results through radical FOCUS and radical accountability. James Burgess is the author of CHAOS; How Business Leaders Can Master The Power Of Focus and “No Problem” Is The Problem; How to Attract and Retain Raving Fans.  James is the Founder of FOCUS31 and Synergen-X Management Consulting Inc. James is a Fellow of the Institute of Canadian Bankers, an Accredited Associate of the Institute for Independent Business and is a Licensed Affiliate of the One Page Business Plan Company.  James is a Director of the Newmarket Chamber of Commerce and until recently sat on the York Regional Small Business Enterprise Centre’s Advisory Board.

CHAOS; How Business Leaders Can Master The Power Of Focus will propel you, your business, organization or department to MOVE on practical solutions to your business challenges through Radical FOCUS on, and Radical Accountability for, the activities that will truly advance your business success.  Recapture the dream of business leadership, with proven practices to overcome CHAOS with easy to use exercises to get  your “head in the game” and build a plan, your “essential focus” your “beacon of light in an ocean full of treachery” or “your own personal prescription for greatness” CHAOS; How Business Leaders Can Master The Power Of Focus will give you more tools for your toolbox… no that expression is overused! This book is about ordinary business people creating extraordinary financial results through a simple commitment to FOCUS.

“I tell anyone who is serious about making more money and enjoying a better life to instantly connect with the accountability you and your FOCUS31System offer.” Gerry Robert, Author of The Millionaire Mindset

“My success factors?  Determination, family support and my business plan with James Burgess.”  Saroj Archarya, Author of MapleTherm Engineering

“I had the honor of being in the room with James teaching…and he made business planning interesting.”Barry Spilchuk, Co-Author of A Cup of Chicken Soup for the Soul