Jacqueline Merne


Jacqueline Merne is a specialist consultant in stress management. She provides strategic guidance to individuals and corporate clients, empowering them to gain deeper self-awareness for managing personal and occupational stress. Throughout her career, Jacqueline has successfully developed and implemented a broad range of programmes within the mental health sector, including training to encourage independence, life skills, goal setting, financial management, stress management, depression awareness and relaxation techniques. Following a rewarding career in the public sector, she brought this valuable knowledge base to the private and corporate spheres.

Jacqueline worked in a number of war-torn and famine-stricken African countries, where she became only too aware of the necessity for managing stress effectively. With her training and expertise, she helped create personalised plans for a diverse client base, including individuals experiencing physical disability. She equips clients with the necessary tools to identify the root cause of their stress, and helps them implement a road map to achieve improved personal well-being.

Early in her career as a general and psychiatric nurse, she witnessed the devastating impact that uncontrolled stress had on individuals — crushing their personal relationships, devastating their families, and hijacking their careers. Through these experiences, Jacqueline began to recognise the critical importance of addressing stress before medical intervention ever need take place. Indeed, she believes that much stress can be managed by the individual, using easy-to-follow techniques. With this in mind, Jacqueline developed a clear programme to educate people on the importance of effective stress management. Often, by stepping back form an issue, observing it objectively, and implementing simple steps, individuals can initiate enormous change in a more positive direction.

Jacqueline lives near London with her husband, Gerry, and they both enjoy a fulfilling work/life balance. In her spare time she enjoys upcycling vintage clothing and hand painting 20th century furniture to give a shabby-chic style. She finds being close to nature relaxing, and regularly takes walks by the river near her home.


Most people encounter stress at some point in their lives, to the degree that it has become an accepted part of modern personal and professional life. But concerns regarding occupational stress are currently at an all-time high. Stress to Success – The Hottest Facts and the Coolest Solutions is a personal development guide aimed at the millions of stressed individuals, managers, and executives in dire need of reliable strategies to empower them to deal with the pressures of a full life and a dynamic career. Uncontrolled stress not only affects the individual but can significantly affect families. When stress is not managed, there are significant costs for organisations due to forced workplace absence and loss of productivity.Stress to Success – The Hottest Facts and the Coolest Solutions is thoroughly researched and written in a no-nonsense, easy-to-follow style. Jacqueline Merne furnishes readers with the essential tools needed to achieve a healthy physical and mental outlook so they can better manage the inherent stress of work and life.


  • Differentiate between good stress and bad stress.
  • Master the art of recognising and dealing with occupational stress.
  • Understand your stress symptoms (i.e. what your body is trying to tell you).
  • Assess your own level of stress.
  • Discover which everyday exposures are causing you to feel unwell.
  • Identify the areas of your life that you can influence, and those you cannot.
  • Gain a sense of personal empowerment and deep insight into your mind and body.
  • Recognise what is holding you back from becoming the best that you can be.• Implement proven strategies to help manage your stress to fuel your growth.
  • Change your relationship with your stress to naturally reduce harmful stress and utilize good stress more effectively.
  • Develop the necessary skills to become your own best stress manager.
  • Effectively manage your time in a more organised fashion.


  • Learn key relaxation techniques and other simple, empowering tools.
  • Discover how proper nutrition and diet will vastly impact your vitality and zest for life.
  • Uncover the importance of more restful sleep for combating your stress.
  • Find out how to harness your personal profile to boost your confidence.
  • Learn to implement and utilize positive stress in order to boost your career.
  • Discover a completely different approach to a more balanced lifestyle.
  • Find that by managing your stress effectively you can achieve optimal long-term health.
  • Find out how to identify clear and inspiring goals and put them into action.
  • Learn to harness your stress, control it, and use it to your advantage.
  • Discover techniques to help you reach your personal and corporate goals with better knowledge and confidence.
  • Learn to use your influence and attitude to positive effect.
  • Discover simple guidelines for achieving a fulfilling work/work balance and work/life balance.

Stress to Success – The Hottest Facts And The Coolest Solutions is definitely a book for those serious about performance, achievement and success.”

—Nathaddeus Tan
Author of The Success Gene

“Without a word of corporate lingo, Stress To Success – The Hottest Facts And The Coolest Solutions shows tips and techniques most training providers won’t tell you. Only once you’ve finished reading it, you’ll realize the life education you’ve missed. Read it if you want to finally, permanently alter the course of your life and live a happy life.”

—Rondea Wine
Author of Release The Power Within You

“A must read for anyone looking for real success in life. Jacqueline has a unique style, down to earth and practical.”

—Sherry Brantley
Author of STEPP (Start To Exercise Personal Power)