Jackie Rainforth


Jackie Rainforth is a sales expert, learning and development trainer, author and professional speaker with a 25-year history of record-breaking performance in the corporate world of sales, sales management and executive sales leadership.

As an entrepreneur, she has reached unprecedented levels of sales achievements as the founder and owner of a highly successful sales agency that represents five global manufacturing brands. As a result of this, Jackie became a nominee recipient of the coveted RBC Canadian Women Entrepreneur Award.

After a near-death scuba diving incident and three days in critical condition, Jackie has since been excited, honoured and blessed to be able to share her knowledge, passion and real-life experience to help salespeople and their companies delve deeper, sell better and achieve faster results. She wants to see them elevate to higher levels, earning the income they desire and live the lifestyles they dream of.

Jackie is a Sales Expert… a ‘Bad Ass Superstar’! She doesn’t just teach it, she loves it and she’s lived it!!


Selling has changed! Rapid advances in technology, global unrest, economic and ethical failures, the introduction of Millennials, plus an explosion in competition have all lead to monumental changes in our business landscape and the way people want to purchase today.

Old selling methods are outdated and do not work any longer. Learn ‘modern’, yet simple and effective sales strategies, approaches, tips and techniques to succeed in todays’ fast paced world of skeptical, resistant and hard to access customers.

Become a BAD ASS SUPERSTAR by learning how to ‘Delve Deeper, Sell Better and Achieve Faster Results!’

This book is filled with incredibly easy sales ‘nuggets’ to help you achieve the income you desire and the lifestyle you dream of!

The Badass Guide to Superstar Selling teaches you sales strategies, approaches, tips and techniques to outsell your competition and create success in this unyielding and ever-changing business environment. Learn everything you need to know to get the results and income you want. Delve deeper, sell better and achieve faster results!

In this comprehensive guide to selling, you will learn how to change the game by becoming a “badass” who gets things done; who is fearless, authentic, compassionate and ethical; and whose behaviour is excellent and exceptional. The badass superstar has indubitable courage, skill and toughness, which allow for better and faster results that can conquer the disruptions that hinder most businesses in the sales industry. Changes won’t stop, and neither should you.


• If you are a seasoned professional and want to update, re-tool and refresh your skillset by learning a new updated approach to selling while increasing your long term, repeat, referral and loyal clientele… this book is for you!
• If you are in the middle of your sales journey and want to reach those hard to access customers, gain a competitive advantage and accelerate your income and advance your career… this book is for you!
• Or if you are just starting out and you want to learn simple and easy techniques to master the fundamentals of selling while alleviating the mental blocks like fear and lack of confidence that are holding you back…this book is for you!


• Things that influenced and changed selling and how to effectively meet the needs of today’s knowledgeable, sceptical and resistant market
• How to get to the millennials, discovering what they value, what their influence is on the industry and how to sell to them with increased confidence and success
• Cold-calling techniques that are easy, effective and fun so you can say goodbye to the dread and sting that often comes with repeated rejection
• Ways to overcome personal resistance and mental blocks like fear, doubt, lack of confidence and procrastination, which many sales professionals are prone to
• Quick, easy methods to identify purchasing styles, triggers and buying cues that will help you “seal the deal” and achieve faster sales results
• The two magic words to enhance your sales presentation for quicker, more effective buy-ins
• How to ask resourceful, insightful and provocative questions that captivate and engage customers to avoid getting uncomfortable lukewarm responses
• Simple effective sales strategies that will improve Customer Buy-In, increasing your base of repeat, referral and loyal customers
• The number one cause of sales failure and how to overcome it and create “value add” for customer retention
• Closing techniques that are easy, stress-free and come naturally
• The art of building a personal brand and the basics of selling through social media