Jackie Gonzalez


Jackie Gonzalez is an author, speaker, and CEO of J29 Associates, a strategy consulting firm in Southlake, TX. She has over 20 years of VP/C – level experience in Sales and Marketing Management, Business Development, and Organizational Development. Jackie has consulted with leading organizations across all verticals: Fortune 100 companies, including American Express, Allergan, Marriott International, and Pfizer; government agencies including the USDA and the United States Institute of Peace; and associations such as AdvaMed and MassDevice. She is considered an excellent communicator with the proven ability to lead teams while cultivating an environment of breakthrough performance.

Jackie consults directly with C-level clients, seeking sophisticated solutions to business challenges. She has experience in a wide range of industries, helping to develop intellectual property. She’s a strong strategic thinker who effectively leads teams toward “big ideas” that actualize corporate objectives. Jackie orchestrates collaboration between right- and left-brainers, and is committed to providing superior service to all stakeholders.

In Creating Culture, Jackie shares her own insights and those of some of the most respected leaders in the business community.


Culture is an organization’s expression of itself. It’s the living, breathing DNA that delivers on the brand promise — or not. Culture is intangible, but it’s as real as a first impression. Like a first impression, you can just let it happen, or you can be intentional about creating it.

Corporate culture is defined by its leadership. When the mission and vision exist merely as statements in the annual report, or platitudes that are framed and hung in the lobby, they’re just that: words. When those core tenets are purposefully aligned throughout the organization – from the boardroom to the loading dock – it’s reflected in performance; and performance is everything. In the C-suite, the company looks to you to set the bar. What’s your vision for the company and why does it exist? Is it shared by all stakeholders? Is your vision worthy of peoples’ time, attention, and dedication? Is the executive team “living the brand”?

If you’re not in the C-suite, act like you are. The same principles of leadership apply whether you’re managing a team of ten or ten thousand. Either way, you can create a culture for spectacular performance.


Learn How To…

Optimize resources so that every person and every process is working at peak effectiveness toward common goals. Whether you’re assuming a new role, building the bench, or breathing new life into an existing team, this practical guide will help you deliver a consistent ROI to your stakeholders while developing an environment of personal satisfaction and professional reward.


Practical strategies to unlock the fullest potential of your organization.

• Create a culture that’s intentional, not accidental
• Articulate your brand promise
• Share your vision so that it inspires confident action toward common goals
• Build alliances with boards, employees, shareholders, clients, and suppliers
• Hire the right person for the right job at the right time
• Develop teams to deliver the performance you want and the results you need
• Develop bench strength and succession plans
• “Counsel out” people who are misfit in their current roles
• Know what’s being said about your company, your products/services, and your competitors
• Know what’s happening at every level of your organization