Jack Mamo


Jack Mamo currently lives in Toronto, Ontario and has been married to his wife Tamer for over twenty three years. In addition, he’s the father of six children and a grandfather to seven beautiful kids at the writing of this book.

As an ordained minister at his local church for 15 years, Jack is licensed to marry couples in the province of Ontario, Canada. During that time, he’s counselled many people from newlyweds to long-time married couples. Being brought into their marriages and working through their problems allowed him to gain some insight into the main areas where people go wrong in a marriage.

The Marriage Code Book is a small contribution for his gratitude toward the couples that have let him into their lives and offered him the chance to learn from their experiences and help others with that knowledge.


In the days we live in, the greatest worry that people planning on getting married have is about their future relationship due to the high divorce rate. For people already married, their fear is whether or not they can trust their partner and have a lasting relationship. In other words, no matter what stage a person and their partner are in, they’re likely worrying about relationship breakups and divorces; thinking that it might happen to them at any time. They wonder and ask if there is a solution to the problem. The author of the book The Marriage Code Book suggests that the content of his book provides a solution to this problem and shows that divorce does not have to happen.

The Marriage Code Book: Premarital & Marital Strategies provides a simple yet thorough step-by-step strategy that will prepare couples as they go into their new marriage knowing that they do not have to be a part of the statistics. The book not only prepares newlyweds but it can also help married couples improve upon their faithfulness to one another.

Learn how to…

The simple strategies contained within this book will not only make your marriage foolproof but actually increase the quality of that connection between you and your significant other. The key is changing the way you think about marriages. You must first be familiar with the idea that it was not originally designed to be broken, and the vows you say aren’t made to be taken lightly but instead are a promise from you to the person you’ve chosen to be your own. Once that’s truly understood, you and your partner will experience a type of desire that’ll make it impossible to not be loyal to one another.

In These Pages You Will Uncover…

The secret sauce that can sweeten any marriage or relationship.

  • The vow you make is The Marriage Code.
  • You are wired to relate; but primarily to your partner.
  • Understanding one secret will give you an ironclad marriage.
  • The primary purpose of marriage is not what you think.
  • You do not have to breakup with your partner, unless you want to.
  • Staying in love with one partner is an unbeatable feeling.
  • No room for argument; this is your sweetheart we’re talking about.
  • You can be totally open and free about everything.
  • Nothing and no one is allowed to come in between.
  • You can do and say anything… you won’t be judged; you’re safe.
  • One cannot imagine a life without the other… you’re in love.
  • Challenge every thought of breakup.

Jack Mamo has written a book that has the potential to impact just about anyone. His unique perspective comes across as a reminder of why we got engaged, why we made our vows and said I do. Nothing should stop us from remembering why we promised ’till death do us part’. That is The Marriage Code.
Meor Amer Reza, Author of The Greatest Gift

“As a how-to guide, this book contains everything you need to know about relationships. It’s absolutely jam-packed with direct strategies anyone can use to overcome the basic fears associated with marriage breakups and divorces.”
John A. Akaatenger, Author of The Spark

“Anyone who has ever wanted to get married or is already married can be confident in the fact that they will benefit from the down-to-earth knowledge in this book.”
Dragarazzi, Author of It Ain’t All Chocolates & Roses…