J. Michael Cavitt


J. Michael Cavitt is an author, a speaker, a change agent, a trainer and a connector. He connects people with people, ideas and resources and works with business owners and professionals to connect them to the idea that nurturing relationships is the key to boosting any business.

During his forty year plus career, he has consulted, coached and trained top managers in state government, small business owners, individual investors and professionals. He draws on this experience to focus on the topic of creating and nurturing relationships as a means for boosting any business or organization.

Michael has worked at the University of Iowa, owned an investment advising business and completed projects with businesses large and small. He is a Certified Consultant with the One Page Business Plan Company.

He is a member of Sales and Marketing Executives International, Rotary International and Professional Sales Association of Minnesota. He is a past member of the Institute of Certified Financial Planners and the American Society for Training and Development.

Michael has focused his entire career on connecting people, ideas and resources to help people solve problems and take advantage of opportunities so that they can fulfill their purpose in life.

He enjoys travel, writing, working on international service projects and discovering what’s around the next corner.


Why do we create poor sales and customer retention by ignoring or discounting the benefit of spending time on nurturing the relationships with our customers and prospects?

How do we have systems in place, which will build relationships based on our customers, culture, company and values?

How do you have loyal customers who are willing to be your advocate?

Our customers and ultimately our prospects are the source of all the results that we will accomplish in our business. We need to recognize this so that we can create strong, loyal and mutually beneficial relationships.

In The “R” Effect, Michael Cavitt, shares with you the three steps of the process to create Systems for Strengthening Relationships™. He also places this process in the larger picture of The Order of Business™ an effective model for planning.

Learn how to…
You can create trust and relationships by identifying who you want to work with, what they need to trust their relationship with you and how to nurture that relationship.

You can have strong trusting relationships with your customers so that you’re building the business that you want to have.

You can follow a simple series of steps to create systems, which will nurture relationships with prospects and customers.

In these pages you will uncover…

The source of strong, trusting relationships upon which you can build your business.

  • Learn about relationships: What’s wrong, what’s right and what’s missing
  • How poor relationships in business equal poor results. The difference between capturing contacts versus nurturing relationships
  • Why a lack of personal communications undermines relationships
  • How to create “Systems for Strengthening Relationships”
  • How to strengthen relationships by nurturing
  • The result of strong relationships and supportive advocates
  • The Order of Business™ and understand where it all fits
  • How to create and nurture your relationships

“If you are ready to boost your sales by having strong relationships and trust with your customers, reading this book is absolutely essential.”
– Gerry Robert, Author of The Millionnaire Mindset

“The “R” Effect: How Nurturing Relationships Is The Key To Boosting ANY Business is about nurturing the growth of trust and meaningful relationships by mastering the creation, implementation and maintenance of Systems for Strengthening Relationships™. A must-read if you want to increase your ability to create trust and meaningful relationships with customers and prospects.” – Jean-Guy Francoeur, Author of Messy Manager

“You don’t need new contacts. You need to nurture the growth of trust and meaningful relationships with existing contacts by mastering the creation, implementation and maintenance of Systems for Strengthening Relationships™. You already know every new contact you will ever need to boost your business.”
Dr Josè Cross
, Author of Business is Booming