Itay Avni


Author, Real Estate Representative, Speaker and Consultant Itay Avni is a realtor and a programmer specialist working with medium to big-size companies to improve their computer systems performance and processes. Within his 15 years experience in this field, Itay has worked with financial systems and with sales and distribution. Itay is highly recommended and appreciated within the SAP programming community and won several awards for his contributions.

Itay has a B.A. in Logistics and economics and M.Sc. in Business and information systems.

Itay arrived in Canada… on 2003 and became proficient in the Canadian financial banking system. Since then, Itay has been involved with helping people reduce their debt and build up their retirement fund all without changing their lifestyle. Itay sees it as his mission to help people protect their assets and get ready for retirement without having to depend on the government or family members. Itay is a known advocate of real estate investment and planning. Since creating the Fast Track My Mortgage he has been speaking and teaching people how to reduce debt, own property and be successful landlords.

Building on well-established ideals, Itay found a way to make people understand the inner workings of the financial system all with clear and simple concepts that anyone can adopt regardless of their wealth or level of education. His unique Fast Track My Mortgage method is a step-by-step plan that anyone can adopt. He gives practical ideas and strategies that empower Canadians to take control of their own financial well being, endorsing financial education as the first step to financial freedom.


Pay off your mortgage years earlier, even while living from pay cheque to pay cheque! Why do people unquestioningly overpay the bank’s interest over the lifetime of their mortgages? It’s simple – because they don’t know any better. Consumers aren’t taught how to make their money work for them and how mortgage interest really works. Over the life of a typical mortgage you will repay two to three times the amount of the loan. Why would you willingly do that if you knew there were ways to cut that number down and redirect those interest payments to other priorities, like retirement? The BIG Payoff teaches you the Fast Track My Mortgage method that gives you the financial education you need to start taking control of your money. Easy principals that will enable you to pay off your house years earlier with amazing ease without the need to refinance or learn more than a few basic accounting rules.


You can finally break free from the cycle of endless mortgage and debt. You will learn how to use the bank’s money before using your own and how to reduce debt quicker then you ever thought possible – all without changing your lifestyle or expenses. You will see big changes that small adjustments can make to your current financial picture and you’ll gain a powerful system for building your retirement fund and your family security.


How to significantly increase the equity in your home using the Fast Track My Mortgage method, take control of your mortgage and pay off your debts years earlier with a few simple steps.

  • How to use the bank’s credit products to pay off your mortgage faster.
  • How to pay off your debt even if you are living pay cheque to pay cheque.
  • How to increase your credit score and its effects on your financials.
  • Understand all the mortgage terms and their affect on your lifestyle.
  • How to negotiate for the best mortgage.
  • Why a bi-weekly program is not enough.
  • Learn the secrets the banks don’t want to tell you.
  • Uncover the money myths that hold you down.
  • How to identify which bank accounts to use and which not to.
  • How to identify the most cost-effective mortgage and when to refinance.
  • How to build your retirement fund years earlier.

“Without a word of financial lingo, “The BIG Payoff“ shows the tips and tricks the banks won’t tell you. Only once you’ve finished reading it, you’ll understand the financial education you’ve missed. Read it if you want to finally, permanently alter the course of your financial life and live the good life.” – Gerry Robert, bestselling author of The Millionaire Mindset

“The Big Payoff takes solid proven principals behind many known programs such as Manulife One and UFirst and teaches people how to do it themselves in a more efficient way. All without any need to either qualify or pay for such programs. If you have ever felt that you are paying too much and not gaining equity fast enough, this is your book. – Jean-Guy Francoeur, author of Messy Manager

“The BIG Payoff is not about getting rich quickly or paying off your mortgage in a magical way. It is about learning how to make your money work better while reducing the amount of interest charged by the bank. It’s about improving wealth by mastering money. Read it if you want to awaken your financial genius. – Daniel Hanzelka, author of Financial Reset