Ingrid M.A. Gumbs


As a coronary care nurse, Ingrid M.A. Gumbs was previously confronted with existential questions. This, as well as her own life experiences, made her ask herself, “What is important in life? What makes you happy? How can you lead a healthy life and do the things the match your talents best?”

Later, Ingrid became a health care teacher, but she was still asking herself what other talents she had and how to activate them. It became a challenge to find out what talent is all about and how to develop it. She was also inspired by the Multiple Intelligence Theory of Howard Gardner.

Through self-education and experiences, Ingrid discovered that talents can be multiplied. She realized we can only become talented if you activate those talents and make them work for us, no matter what our professions are or how small or how big our talents are.

As an author, speaker, and trainer, Ingrid helps people discover their talents and gives them the tools they need to validate their talents. She helps them, then, to translate those talents into entrepreneurship and financial values for lifelong employability, doing the things people love the most.

The purpose of this approach is to inspire people to find their own way of becoming the best version of themselves. Via the biographies of the successful and talented and those who lived by their passions, as well as much trial and error, you can achieve your goals. Since everybody has their own way of learning and dealing with knowledge, different methods are used to match, at the stage where the student is.


A lot of people are going through life working a job they don’t like, not knowing what their talents are and completely unaware of their true purpose in life.

Have you reached a crossroads in your life? Ask yourself, “Am I happy with what I am doing right now? Am I in the right environment for my talents to flourish? What exactly do want to achieve in my life, and how can I reach that goal?


Your Talent Is a Gift can help you define or redefine and validate your talents, for your own development, the development of your family and your local community.


This book offers valuable tips to define your talents and integrate those talents into your own personal development. Find financial value in transforming your talents into entrepreneurship. Once you know your talents, know who you are, and know what you have to do to reach your goal, you can enjoy lifelong employability and turn your passion into a profit, all while being happy.

  • Become aware that your talents are special gifts you can use to give meaning to your life.
  • Find out which concept of talents matches your personal concept and claim your birthright to do the things you do the best, whatever makes you happy.
  • Develop your talents for your own growth and benefit, as well as for the betterment of your family and community.
  • Rediscover your untapped talents when you reach a crossroads in life and don’t know what to do.
  • Get to know yourself better through self-reflection and spending more time with yourself via the art of Dolce Far Niente.
  • Find out what your learning style is and select the items you need to grow your knowledge, skills, and wisdom.
  • Develop practical financial intelligence, so you can manage the fruits of your talents and achieve passive income.
  • With the help of basic skills for entrepreneurship, transform your talents into a for-profit, non-profit, social entrepreneurship, or voluntary work.
  • Use your talents to add value to the society you live in.