Hershila Govan


Hershila Govan is an author who believes that there is more to life than meets the eye. She has worked in the banking, non-profit, and local government industries. She began at the bottom and worked her way through, with a strong desire for growth as her motivator.

All her life she has sought answers to deeper questions, as well as to connect and find the Higher Power she believes we’re all destined to know. Hershila refused to accept easy answers. She began life in humble beginnings with a father who never held back his love. His encouragement and acceptance became her strength, though for a long time, Hershila didn’t feel that she could fit in. At an early age, she stepped out on her own to discover herself and the rewards of a life lived with all one’s heart.

She has wealth of knowledge through Godly inspiration and life’s experiences that she brings to the table for anyone who desires to share in the journey.


Nearly all of us struggle somewhere to discovering our full potential. We are often faced with difficult choices, uncertain what path is the right one for us and how exactly to find it. Or we may have difficulty learning how to change direction when we’ve made a wrong choice in our lives. We see others who seem to know exactly who they are, whose compass is strong and centred and we admire them greatly. How can we nurture within us the characteristics our mentors have — strength, certainty, wisdom?


  • Be guided by the Universe, God, Higher Power, our Higher Selves, or what we may call The One. Our choices can be guided as we align our thinking and emotions with the wisdom outside and inside us.
  • Avoid remaining in a state of longing for, envying, or coveting other people or things, and to shift to a state of true gratitude, which allows us to access our innate ability to live to the very fullest.
  • Be everything we dream of without letting that die.
  • Achieve, acquire, and maintain our gift.
  • Be what we were born to be so that we do not fall short of our divinely created abilities.


Discover inspirational stories of how millionaires and others have achieved what seemed impossible.

The burning desire and dreams we all have can become a reality as long as this earth still remains.

  • Gain better control of your choices in order To Be or Not to Be what you were designed for.
  • Be encouraged by the success stories of well known people.
  • Stories from my own journey of struggle and success.
  • Discover the true power and meaning behind all success.
  • What does self-image have to do with the choices you make?
  • One of the most important ingredients to life’s fulfillment of your purpose and success is FAITH.
  • An even more important ingredient is LOVE.
  • What do your thoughts and emotions have to do the results you are getting?
  • Is it possible that the words you speak can impact the outcome of your desires?