Helga DeSousa


Helga DeSousa was born and raised in Brampton, Ontario to Portuguese Immigrant parents from the Azores. She began writing poetry and short stories since the age of ten. She graduated from the University of Guelph with a Bachelor’s Degree in English. Helga worked in Telecommunications for nine years where she developed her skills in managing people in high stressful situations. After nine years in the industry, Helga decided on a different direction that took her to teach ESL (English Second Language) in Japan. It was during her stay in Japan that she learned the art of maintaining calm. Being alone in a foreign country with little people connections and almost non-existent language skills, she had to rely on this inner resource. Helga soon came across colleagues who were experiencing life crises and found that they benefited from her one on one coaching sessions. She was able to set them at ease and provide them with tools to manage the crisis that they were experiencing in their lives. When she returned to Canada, she pursued a teaching career at the high school level to reach teenagers. However, she noticed that stressful living is more of an adult’s reality. In a fast-paced modern society, Helga examines the culprits that lend to life crises and teaches effective tools that bring calm into the turbulence of everyday stressful living.


The pain, doubt, and worry of a life crisis, whether it be a divorce, a job loss, or even a death of a loved one, can devastate you for many years to come. Some people become paralyzed by their circumstances; while others manage to rise above the ashes. Those who have moved passed their storms began with maintaining their calm. We all get caught up with the stresses of modern living and feel that there is never a moment of true peace. Daily busyness becomes daily stressfulness. Imagine what your life would be like for you if you could remain calm even at the smallest upset. You can finally learn valuable tools to de-stress and maintain your calm during difficult times in your life. You will able to apply these strategies that will carry this calm into your daily living and you will lead a stress free life that will be the model for many. You will see your solutions more clearly and instantly when you learn to maintain your calm in any stressful situation.

  • Learn about the stresses of modern living and your programming to over-react
  • Why are you running yourself ragged and not moving forward?
  • Get a bird’s eye view of your problem and diminish its power
  • How to wait out any life storm and relax
  • How to allow yourself to let any stressful situation wash over you
  • Step by Step process to let Calm in and De-Stress
  • Find the Calm in a Traffic Jam
  • Learn How Solutions Arrive Instantly with Calmness
  • Take Calmness With You, Wherever you Go
  • Live and Enjoy the Stress Free Life that you deserve

“Calmness is not about de-stressing through meditation. It is about managing a life crisis by remaining calm AND being able to take this tool to manage even life’s smallest stressors. Read it if you want to finally overcome your current life upset by learning to maintain calmness and live a stress free life.”Karen Grant,  Author of The Million Dollar Image

“Calmness deals with an important topic: Stress, when combined with obsessiveness and anxiety creates unproductive and unfulfilling lives. Managing stress with “Calmness” is an important lifesaving tool.”Mehjabeen Abidi, Author of Bringing Order to Chaos

“Should be required for every person who is undergoing a life transition whether that be a divorce or a sudden dismissal. I highly recommend reading this book.” – Nicole Normand, Author of Why Not You?