Guy Bowden


Guy Bowden’s extraordinary life journey began in Kenya and has led him to understand many cultures.

In the company of dozens of the world’s most remarkable teachers, including Stuart Wilde, Tony Robbins, Deepak Chopra, Marianne Williamson, Barry Neil Kaufman, Stephen Covey, Chuck Spezzano and Judith Hendin, Guy has learned from the best. He has had the opportunity and the courage to put into practice and refine his mountain of learning.

Twenty-five years later, he has put into print the highlights, insights, and lessons learned from this very spiritual and emotional yet practical journey.

Guy is an intense leader, a loyal friend, and a devoted father. He is known for his ability to take audacious actions, and for going above and beyond what most people are willing to do. He is very determined once he decides on what he wants. He lives his dream lifestyle in his own terms.


In Nobody Gives Me Oxygen, author Guy Bowden gives the reader a wealth of information on how to live a healthy and fulfilled life. Openly discussing personal experiences of illness and betrayal, Guy lays bare his life for the reader to take inspiration from. Using his vast experience not only of his life but also the lives of the people he chooses to have in his life, Guy teaches us all that, with the right frame of mind, by spending time with the right people, as well as thinking big, we can be hugely successful. Sharing insights from those he admires, Guy uses a slew of quotations from motivational speakers, self-help gurus, religious scholars, authors, poets, scientists, academics, teachers, and friends. Guy also gives meaningful parenting advice that some readers may wish was available when they were bringing up their children. “Dolphin parenting” is a splendid theory of functional childrearing that focuses on a pleasure-reward methodology, which includes teaching children from a perspective of choice—an idea that many educational institutions could benefit from implementing. Nobody Gives Me Oxygen is a self-help compendium, which has something for everyone.


In Nobody Gives Me Oxygen, Guy shares his wisdom to all of us who are interested in learning how to love ourselves first and how to move from slavishly adhering to tradition to take our lives back. Once we experience personal emancipation and liberation, only then can we express who we really are and share ourselves with the people around us who care and really matter!


Using his personally practical formulation to move through from desperation to self-determination, we learn the mindset, strategies, and, most importantly, the actions Guy has taken and applied in his life journey. As we get a clearer picture of who we really are, we are better able to decide what we want to stand for and what we do not.

That journey has spanned fifty-three years, and Guy has invested millions of dollars in his personal quest to raise his own esteem, learning from the best minds in the planet and modelling and applying their teachings in his own life. In the process of raising his own esteem, Guy has devoted his life to encouraging everyone to love ourselves and be more self-compassionate. This process allows us to lead by example and contribute to and inspire those we love and care for. All these concepts and distinctions add up to a compilation, culmination, and accumulation of wisdoms and insights that are, quite simply, transcendental in nature!

We are our own best experts, and the sooner we realize that, the better. As we adopt a more internal-external approach to life, emphasizing on doing what we love, we inevitably become more successful. Buddha puts it so beautifully when he says, “We, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve our love and affection.”

A promising future comes from dedication and a passion for relevant learning. If you want to raise your self-esteem, Nobody Gives Me Oxygen may well be your answer.

  • Ways to deal with and discard toxic negative relationships and influences in our lives.
  • How “once we go beyond the point of no return” in relationships, there’s really no way we would want to return.
  • Stories to guide and inspire us in our own journeys of raising our self-esteem.
  • Self-confidence starts and grows with self-compassion, loving ourselves from the inside out.
  • Learning to transcend rejection is a learnable valuable process, which is essential to master.
  • Thinking big is as easy as thinking small, so let’s encourage ourselves to think big as much as possible.
  • We discover and celebrate loving and living “Taosi,” the art of self-improvement.
  • We recognize the critical importance of living in the present moment.
  • We embrace a receptive, responsive mindset. Appropriate adaptability is a vital skill for us to have a sustainably pragmatic, successful, high-energy, and fulfilling life.
  • Dolphin parenting and fully embracing a 21st-century parenting paradigm nurture and nourish our children by teaching the value of responsible choice for the individual, which in turn leads to creating loving, harmonious societies. This replaces the prehistoric parenting based on hierarchical shaming, imposition, and manipulation.