Gurunath Hari


Gurunath Hari has over 25 years of corporate experience, including leadership and management roles. His working life started at the end of the pre-computer era and continues to the present ‘everything-mobile’ era. His work and life saw him toil hard on many soils around the world including India, the Middle East, Europe, countries in South East Asia and the United States. He is the youngest of four children born into a household that was barely above the poverty line. This meant that as a child, his family could not even afford toothpaste, so they switched to tooth powder instead. He could not afford to renew worn-out canvas shoes more than once a year, so he would insert makeshift cardboard insoles to protect his young feet from getting burnt by the molten tar roads baking under the blazing summer sun in Mumbai. After losing his mother when he was 23, adversity hit again between the years 1999 and 2001 – Hari lost his father, his child and his job. During the one year he was unemployed, he used his innate talent for pursuing better alternatives and leveraging his strong medical background to discover the 6 Dimensions of Wellness and supplemented it with a pocketful of purposes in life. This helped him make common-sense choices and take massive action that led him to rebuild his career from scratch and to become a patiently-made millionaire by the age of 47. This book aims to help millions like him out there, pursue life’s opportunities just that bit differently. In this book, Hari, as he is more popularly called, is putting cutting-edge research and real-world life experiences to work for the benefit of all.

Hari currently works as a Sales Excellence and Leadership Instructor in a major multi-national IT corporation. He lives in Singapore with Lakshmi, his wife of 22 years and their two children Nandhitha and Aanandkumar.


Why is it that people go to work even when they are unwell? Why do people stay at work after hours even though they know they don’t need to? Why is it that people stick to their jobs and do nothing even though they lose their sense of purpose and end up being made redundant in their workplaces? Why do employees at times feel they are drifting along, although they have other options and as a result, end up getting frustrated?

What is the economic cost of such behaviour to you, the organization and to your family?

The 6 Dimensions: Overcome Presenteeism: Excel In Work And Life provides you compelling new insights derived from the latest research into the reasons for and better ways of managing Presenteeism, that connect it to your Holistic Wellness. The inspirational true-life stories from interviews with amazing people, coupled with the mobile device-friendly interactive content within the book, will equip you with innovative tools and powerful knowledge about your Holistic Wellness, that give you hitherto unavailable insights into yourself and your surroundings. This will result in you making better choices that will firmly steer you from simply being a presentee to becoming ever more present in every situation, so that you enjoy making life work for you!

Learn how…

To recognize presenteeism at work and in life. You will learn from seemingly ordinary people who took the long journey to achieve extra-ordinary results, how they achieved it looking through the prism of the 6 Dimensions of Holistic Wellness. You will see the power that this new way of assessing yourself has in conditioning your choices and actions going forward. You will gain a powerful system of tools and techniques for reversing pre-programmed tendencies of thinking unhelpful thoughts, speaking unhelpful words and doing unhelpful deeds and replacing it with the time-tested tenets of Holistic Wellness leading to positive thoughts, positive words and positive action, all the time, everytime, no matter what.

In these pages you will uncover…

“A new universe of ways to tackle tomorrow’s challenges today at your place of work, study or recreation using the secrets of Holistic Wellness in a powerful new way that will help you become more self-aware, so that you can make informed choices to get you ahead.”

Sustained happiness resulting from pursuing Wellness, irrespective of the economic, social or demographic status you may belong to in the civilized world, no matter what.

  • Learn what Presenteeism is and use it to work smart and live smart
  • Discover the value of and how to create purpose in your life at every point in your life
  • Apply and benefit from the principles of Holistic Wellness throughout your lifetime
  • Be fully present and don’t be a presentee
  • Learn the 6 Dimensions of Holistic Wellness and make choices that enhance your well-being
  • Become aware of yourself in a powerful new holistic way
  • Assess your WellnessStrengths ©
  • Get reports on your assessments and learn how to interpret them
  • Access resources that can help on your journey to fulfilling your aspirations
  • Meet real people with extraordinary adversities who achieved extraordinary results and compare your challenges to theirs
  • Be inspired to take action any time and every time
  • Learn the art of translating your WellnessStrength© into WellnessEnergy© to achieve your life goals
  • Learn how to overcome both big and small obstacles
  • Interact with people featured in the book via your smart phones and the internet
  • Engage in active reading by learning and practicing the various techniques and activities as per instruction
  • Embrace the calls to action and pledge to make it happen

“This book very effectively uses presenteeism as a springboard to confront corporate wellness in a sophisticated yet practical manner.” – Gary Johns (PhD, Wayne State) Professor, Department of Management, Concordia University Research Chair in Management , Author of Presenteeism in the Workplace: A Review and Research Agenda

“Presenteeism is even a more costly problem for business than absenteeism, and this book helps to understand what an individual can do to overcome it and get better work-life balance.” – Cary L. Cooper, CBE Distinguished Professor of Organizational Psychology and Health Lancaster University Management School, England, Co author of Wellbeing: Productivity and Happiness at Work

“Gurunath Hari uses true life stories to present a powerful message that explains the dynamics with which employee well-being and presenteeism interact and provides compelling reasons and ways to institutionalize a holistic Wellness approach for people to sustain excellence in work and life. A must read for all forward looking individuals and organizations.” – Kerry E. Evers, Ph.D., Senior Vice-President, Pro-Change Behavior Systems, Inc., Co-Researcher of The Well-Being Assessment for Productivity: A Well-Being Approach to Presenteeism, Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, Volume 53, Number 7, July 2011

“Hari offers a practical and meaningful solution that is applicable to everyone in today’s challenging workplace. By addressing the growing problem of Presenteeism, companies can use Hari’s insights to make a positive change and gain the benefits of fully engaged employees.” – John R. Myers, President and CEO of the TRACOM Group
, Co-Author of SOCIAL STYLE: The Ah Ha’s of Effective Relationships

“Hari brilliantly counters the challenges posed by the causes of Presenteeism in today’s corporations with the value that pursuing a Holistic Wellness Strategy brings, in overcoming it.” – Gerry Robert, Author of The Millionaire Mindset.

“The time is now for corporates and employees to sit up and take the advice given in this book as the logical next talent management strategy to drive business results and differentiate themselves from their competition.” – Jean-Guy Francoeur, Author of Messy Manager