Gregory Jurrius


Gregory is an expert in his field and has been actively involved in the security industry since 1985. Since starting as an apprentice in 1985, he soon worked his way up and by 1987 was managing his own shop.

In 1988, he bought his first locksmith shop and within six months had turned it around and doubled the turnover. The shop continued to grow and thrive under his ownership, and in 1990 he decided to branch out into a lock and security wholesaler.

The wholesaling company took off at an alarming speed and it was soon decided to sell the locksmith shop. Once all his attention was focused on wholesaling, the company grew in leaps and bounds and soon Gregory found himself being one of the largest distributors in the industry.

Today Gregory finds himself as the owner of not only the wholesaling division, but also as the owner of a thriving import company and many locksmith shops.

Seen as a leader in the industry, Gregory has seen his companies grow for over 20 years. With his expansive knowledge and expertise in the security industry, he can confidently give advice and assist people with their security and also running a company. Gregory has now decided to share his knowledge in his first book titled “Put An End To Fear” to everybody around the world.


Have you been a victim of crime?

How did that affect you and your Family’s lives?

In Put An End To Fear, Gregory Jurrius shares with you 7 effective tools that can be used successfully in putting an end to fear.

Learn How To…
You can overcome fear by upgrading your security and the right mental ability.

In These Pages You Will Uncover…

  • Our connection to security awareness plays an important role in our lives.
  • How to build a security environment that allows you to live a normal life.
  • Get connected with the experts in security.
  • How to assess weak points in your security.
  • Common misconceptions regarding security.
  • Tell the differences between security systems.
  • Who should you let in your home.
  • Create a mindset that will allow for better security.
  • How to control your staff access in your business.
  • How to ensure no unauthorized duplication of your keys.
  • What type of security suits your needs.

“Put An End To Fear is filled with practical wisdom that can help any business or home owner be more protected and secure.”
– Anna Shilina, author of The Business Tango

“This is a great book! It is a high performance guide book you can use to secure every area of your life.”
– Sindi Zilwa, author of The Ace Model

“Crammed with tips on how to lock up your valuables & secure your family.”
– Des And Belinda Werner, author of How To Join The Mile-High Club