Graciano Cabrita da Palma


Graciano Cabrita da Palma has always had an interest in understanding how the body heals naturally. Eighteen years ago, when he was blessed with is first daughter, he decided to study Chinese Medicine. Very soon, he began to learn and practise acupressure on his little girl, and saw wonderful results. Two years later, he experienced the same amazing results with his second daughter. His children were sick less often than other children, and they recovered very quickly.

In 2000, after five years of study, Graciano began his career as a practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Parents became his patients, and soon, they began to bring their children for treatments. When Graciano treated other children, he gave their parents’ home-work. He taught parents how to massage their children’s acupressure points so they could treat their children at home. He also taught them the importance of using the right foods. The result was that children got healthy and the parents got happy.

After 14 years’ experience, Graciano has found a simple and safe way to combine acupressure points and the use of healthy food that every parent can use at home. These methods are safe to be used in combination with other therapies, but should not be substituted by other therapies.


  • What can parents do to improve their children’s health in this period of unhealthy behaviours?
  • How can parents combine the use of the right food and press/massage meridians and reflex points to prevent and treat sickness?
  • Do you wish to actively participate in your child’s healing, seeing positive results in a short time?
  • What can parents do, to reduce the use of medication for their children?

Healthy Children Happy Parents has the tools that every parent can safely use to improve the quality of life for their children. Graciano Cabritada Palma has been using the information in this book to treat his own two daughters from early ages. And here, he shares the best of his knowledge, acquired over 14 years of professional experience treating children and adults through the use of Traditional Chinese Medicine, so that readers and their families may benefit as well.

Learn How To…

  • Apply a safe and very simple,natural method to help your child became strong, improving his quality of life so that he has fewer health problems.
  • Master the combination of daily foods and the massage of acupuncture points along different meridians and reflex zones.
  • Take action to help your children stay healthy using 100% natural methods without any negative side effects.

In These Pages You Will Uncover…

Children react very quickly to the stimulation of their meridians and reflex points. The reason for this is that their energy is pure and fresh. Massaging these points frequently and in the right way will activate their body and mind, helping their energy stay pure and fresh for much longer. Food is also a very important source of energy; give your child foods with the right energy at the right time and the right temperature in order to harmonise your child’s mind and body. Taken together, these natural practises create Healthy Children, Happy Parents.

  • Learn how to help your child through the use of natural methods.
  • Learn to use foods to improve health.
  • Learn about the energy that exists within food.
  • Learn how to apply acupressure.
  • Learn the benefits of a combination of acupressure and healthy foods.
  • Create a more harmonious relationship with your child.
  • Apply easy to learn methods to prevent common health problems.
  • Learn which body part is related to which symptoms.
  • Educate your child about natural healing and a healthy life.

Brimming with easy to use methods anyone can use to overcome the key fears associated with prevention and treatment of your child’s health.
Marilyn Pierce, author of Ground Work Before Pound Work

On a practical way Graciano transmits with this book is years of experience with parents, which will support the physical and emotional progress of their children, and also improve the connection between the parents and their children. In this hectic society, personal attention is a very important key in the family environment. This is indispensable for the future of the child to build self confidence. This book is an indispensable asset for all members of the family.
Vibeke Evenhuis,
Hypnotherapist &

A powerful, practical and solid book with advice on how to use simple, natural methods in solving child health problems. Congratulations Graciano Cabrita da Palma for this straight forward and honest book.
Bianca van der Pol
Acupunctuur Harlingen

The acupressure-technique Graciano is describing in his great insightful book, would have been very useful for me about 37 years ago to help me eat. My parents were desperate to find a healthy solution. This book improves the health of many children and their parents!
Erika Happyarts,
Artist-Bodypainter & Happiness Author and Master Life Coach.Info: