George Jordan


George Jordan is a Chartered Chemist, a Chartered Scientist, a Motivational Coach and a wonderful Dad. Even before his birth, George was caught up in the web of African family dispute (in the blue corner is the maternal grandmother and in the red corner is the paternal granddad). As a result of this cross-family battle, George spent most of his early years with different families and first met his dad when he was about eight years old.

At the age of 11, George spent two weeks with his dad, the longest time the two ever spent together, so they can bond together. Later that month George’s father died through a motor traffic accident. Despite the challenges he faced as a child, living with different families under different conditions because his mother was away, George was still able to accomplish almost every childhood dream.

The challenges George faced as a child, starting from nowhere and working his way through to achieving his set goals; helped George develop the passion for speaking and life coaching others to overcome their own challenges. To be more successful in doing this, he also did some courses in Ministerial Studies and Counseling.

George works with people from all walks of life- from Scientists, parents & careers in the UK to leaders of some institutions in Ghana; and even Ministers of the Gospels. In pursuing the Degree to Happiness, George spent over four years interacting with people at various children and students entertain centers under different capacities, despite his busy schedule working in one of the highest ranking Chemical Process Safety Companies in the United Kingdom. This enables George to have a wider pool of understanding not only with challenges faced by people with influence on children but the children themselves, university students, graduates, etc.

George has drawn on his own worth of experience with a fresh and more current approach to inspiring his audience to overcome several life challenges.


Do you wonder why so many children do not achieve the results they desire? Why do most of us go through the phases of life, from infant through childhood, and then to adult and feel we have not accomplished our childhood dreams? Is it because as humans, our needs are more than the resources available, as described when the economist uses the term Scarcity? Is it because of the rich and poor divide in our societies? If so, why are so many children from well-to-do families also not achieving their set goals?

What actions can we take today to ensure that the children in our care are able to live the rest of their lives with meaning, purpose and something to be proud of? As Parents, Grandparents, Careers, or people with influence in our society, we can all help set the children in our care on the journey to achieve anything … the path to acquire the Degree of Happiness!

Learn how to…

  • The hidden truth that every child is born with equal potential irrespective of the circumstances surrounding our coming into being
  • You can help a child to develop inner confidence and happiness that can make life achievement more meaningful
  • You can understand the child’s dreams and motivate them to plan the set of activities that can lead to achieving their goals
  • To understand the personality factor of an individual that may assist you to distinguish between motivation and manipulation in aiding the child
  • Your child can do anything, no matter the circumstances or conditions prevailing at the period these goals are set
  • The truth that we cannot manage time (because time is set) but can manage activities that can help the child to succeed in achieving set goals within the given time
  • You will understand the power that our society has over children, their current and future results
  • To understand what thoughts has been holding your child from achieving a true potential and the practical ways to turn these thoughts into real life achievement
  • You can help a child to be more in control of their dreams, their plans
    and their goals; and make conscious choices that will make them accomplish it all
  • The tools a child needs to live a life full of happiness are those possessions already available to that child

In these pages you will uncover…

How Degree to Happiness will equip you with the tools that will help you to ignite the passion of a child to get the most out of his or her life and work.

You will find the tools that

  • Can help you change a child’s negative self-image into a positive one
  • Will help you to assist the child to make the most of life
  • Can assist the child in the cure of any inferiority complex
  • Will help the child to develop a deep desire to succeed
  • Can help the child to focus on doing one thing at a time and do it well
  • Will help you to understand how your opinion can add to unhappy events in a child’s life and how to avoid this
  • Will aid you on how to help a child develop the habits of happiness
  • Will help you understand the ingredients of happiness and how to help a child acquire them
  • Will help you to understand how to make past failure work for the child instead of against him
  • Can help the child to focus on the positives instead of the negatives
  • Can help you to understand how to help remove the child’s emotional scars

“Degree to Happiness is not about manipulating a child (or an individual) to do things against their will. It is about helping that individual to have a positive self-image and turn their dreams into reality, by mastering the habits to change their attitudes, thoughts and actions towards achieving set goals. Read it if you want to overcome your ability to help a child set big goals and achieve them” – Kenneth Low, Author of Family Legacy

“Degree to Happiness is an inspiring book that has proven to be very useful in most areas of a child’s life. It will help parents prepare their children to make important decisions about their priorities and how to not let issues affect them. A brilliant book for parents and grandparents.” – Bernadeth Lucanas, Author of Time Is Up!

“This book is provocative and should be read from cover to cover by everyone who deals with children, (Parents, Careers, Teachers or Preachers) to management of various institutions. Easy to read, very informative and full of solid ideas. We could all benefit from George’s new approach to boosting children’s confidence.”
Jimmy Tong
, Author of Ignite