George Bragadireanu


George Bragadireanu wears colourful socks and colourful wristwatches on his right hand. He believes creativity comes from doing the ‘wrong’ stuff, taking the ‘wrong’ roads, and wearing the opposite mindset.

He comes from a creative culture, built upon the intersection of many different ways of life. He has spent 40 years in search of ways people might be creative, and is a trainer and coach of creativity for international corporations wishing to go further.

A former banker, writer, theatrical improviser, dancer, and ultra-marathon trail runner, George is now a coach and trainer, helping people and corporations create change. He invites his clients to take journeys into the darkness, coaching them to see with the clarity of their own sharp headlight beam.


Does your company have a problem generating solutions to ever-changing market conditions?

Are there silos within your company that find themselves stuck when searching innovative ways to solve internal glitches?

Do you, as a leader, find yourself repeating the same old pattern, giving obsolete directions to your team, wondering why they never improve?

Are you interested in implementing a functional culture of innovation into your enterprise?

Here it is: An integral platform for creatively generating innovative results.

Discover an open process that is scalable from your position, to your team’s activity, to your division’s function, to your organization as a whole… and beyond.

Learn How…

  • Put an end to the obsolete recycling of old solutions to new problems by applying 10 creative instruments of idea generation.
  • Learn to plant seeds of creativity in the soil of creativity, and learn about the yin/yang aspects of executive innovation.
  • Discover the unending cycle of creativity and the 4 stages of any creative process.
  • Uncover 30 tips to increasing your ‘Leader in my Company’ creativity, and the 20 practices to increase your ‘Leader of my Life’ creativity.

In These Pages You Will Uncover…

Discover the new, integral way of incorporating innovation into your company’s daily pulse.

Pure Imagination. Practical Creativity. Monitized Innovation.
For you. For your team. For your company. For your clients

  • Examples of sparkling executive decisions in busines.
  • The seeds of creativity.
  • The fertile soil of creativity.
  • The unending definition of creativity.
  • Giving birth to a creative executive decision.
  • The 4 stages of the creative process.
  • The 10 instruments for generating creative solutions.
  • A complete framework for implementing an innovation program in your company.
  • Creative story of a successful bagger.
  • Thirty tips to increase your ‘Leader in my Company’ creativity.
  • Twenty tips to increase your ‘Leader of my Life’ creativity.

“So many business people fail to innovate. Applying the structured process in this book will help any CEO overcome that obstacle and succeed.”
Benjamin Foo
, Author of iPossible®!