Friday Block-Lañas


Friday Block-Lañas is an internationally educated nurse, a leader, mentor, and an organizational development specialist. She is known for her wisdom, strategic thinking, motivational talks and creativity that came from her 15 years of experience in leadership, 8 years in management, and 12 years in mentoring and coaching. Having worked in different healthcare settings and roles, from bedside to community nursing, to teaching and leadership, she has a first-hand experience in different perspectives into the challenges nurses face and has been advocating for “who cares for the caregivers”.

Friday Block-Lañas has been effective and successful at engaging people, be it student, employee, or client engagement throughout her life. She’s also had successes at culture shift in the two organizations she’s in and contributed innovative ideas that influenced major change and added value to those companies’ services. Before that, she had organized and registered Youth Unlimited Asia with the guiding philosophy that each youth has great untapped potential. She believes that the right and positive influence will help these youths realize their potential and be a change maker. She has done fundraising activities to send these young people to camp. She’s also been a resource person in her hometown’s local radio program in collaboration with a government agency to talk about the effects of unhealthy lifestyles, such as smoking, alcohol drinking, addiction and unsafe sex practices to one’s life and offers solutions and hope.


Albert Einstein’s famed noble quote “Only a life lived for others is a life worth living” greatly resonates with the healthcare professionals’ conviction, who are always on their feet, focused on providing compassionate and the best possible nursing care to patients/clients, families and the community. They found joy in doing so until caring became exhausting, consequently leading to burnout and compassion fatigue.

Are you experiencing persistent and sustained stress and have lost enthusiasm in caring? If yes, this book is for you. Revitalizing Compassion is about the realities of burnout and compassion fatigue, the importance of recognizing the problem and the need to seek help, and strategies that will help rekindle or sustain the joys of helping and caring.


• Utilize self-care tips on sustaining the joys of helping and caring, and prevent or manage burnout.
• Realize the importance of making a deliberate decision to unplug yourself from work.
• Enforce strategies which foster a supportive workplace.


Facts about the burnout syndrome and its unpleasant mood and behavior changes. This book will help you develop self-care strategies to restore or sustain the joys of helping and caring and tips for a supportive workplace.

• Burnout, a slow drift
• Predisposing factors
• Implications of burnout
• Burnout as an occupational hazard
• Self-care
• Strategies for a supportive workplace
• Joy restored