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Meow Ling Ng has dedicated her life to providing with the highest level standard of customer-focused services in the dynamic IT industries. She is a manager, advisor, motivational speaker and author. With more than 13 years of experience, she is widely acknowledged and as an expert and mentor. She has inspired people in areas from leadership, positivemindset, teamwork, creative quality techniques, innovation in problem-solving, customer-focused service to organizational alignment.

She was born in Singapore to a poor family in which her parents, like so many, battled in the workforce in order to make enough to raise up their three children with proper meals and adequate education. As the eldest child, Meow Ling was forced to join the workforce full-time as soon as she received her diploma in IT Computer Engineering in Temasek Polytechnic.

With her positive belief and a “never be defeated!” spirit, Meow Ling made it through various setbacks in her personal life and in the corporate world, and as a result, she has experienced personal transformation. She finds herself on a wonderful life journey experiencing a happier life in every moment. Failures still come, but they no longer get in her way. She sees them instead as learning experiences that simply help her get one step nearer to her dreams.

Because of her enthusiasm and positive spirit, opportunities are given to her to interact with people who deepen her understanding of others. She has seen how some are less fortunate, and many people experience difficult events after which they feel life is meaningless. It is for them that she wrote Life Sucks! which she believes can reach them where they are and lift them up.

Franky Ronaldy is an author and IT consultant, and the co-author of Life Sucks! published by Black Card Books. Franky was born in Bandung where he grew up, like so many others, in a less than ideal economic situation. He had a curiosity in tech and loved to develop applications, so and he sought his degree in Computer Science. Before he graduated, Franky had already begun his career as a Web Content Technician in Jakarta in order to help his family. After riots in Jakarta in 1999, he decided to migrate to Singapore to continue on with his career.

Franky grew up with companion of his grandfather whom has shared a lot of the great life learning lessons. Through this, a strong belief has grown inside Franky’s heart as a foundation of his life. His life’s compass has guided him to take ownership of his experiences in life and being happy has to be coming from the bottom of the heart. Most important is his determination to aid people to overcome obstacles and regain happiness. Through this book, he hopes to help many others.


Is your life sad, helpless, depressed, or troubled? Do you wake up and just not feel good at all?

In the modern world, we are striving for survival. Many of us who are currently working still struggle for a decent paycheck. In the business world, there are unlimited worries that need to be handled daily— concerns about revenues, profits, resources and the changing demands that impact any business. And there are too often problems which can’t be resolved.

Our common problems are money and time, not enough money and so limited time to spend with our families and loved ones. As a result, we feel drained with a “Life Sucks!” attitude deep inside.

This book will open your mind and change the way you look and think so that you can create lasting results. By transforming your thoughts and emotions, it will change your experiences!

Changing your thoughts. Changing your life!

Learn how…
To be 100% responsible for your own life! If we don’t own it, then who will?

You can finally break the cycle of unlimited pain. You will discover a power system that will allow you to generate positive reactions to any situation, and learn that this literally has the power to change the situation itself. This will then carve the way for happiness in your life!

In these pages, you will uncover…

What and why do you need to know to live in a happy life? Hereafter, how can you put the “Knowing” into ACTION to gain unlimited power to sustain your happiness subconsciously?

  • Unfold the secret where unhappiness has stopped you from moving forward.
  • Every story has a “behind-the-scene”. Discover the untold side of the story.
  • Realization in making sacrifices by knowing the outcome is worth it.
  • Happiness begins by turning expectation into acceptance.
  • Alignment of what you need and what you want.
  • ACTION is the magic word for Today as Yesterday was the past, and Tomorrow will never come.
  • Revive your buried fail forward spirit that you have during childhood growth.
  • The techniques to keep the self-motivation flame glowing to overcome the bad times.
  • Making sure Acceptance is coming from the bottom of your heart.
  • The Triple-S framework in Life Sucks! That will be integrated into your lifestyle and let you live a happy life subconsciously.

In this world filled with dubious paths, Life Sucks! identifies the proven simple steps that lead you to a happy life.” – Petronilla Muriuki Musau, Author of Have Your Cake & Eat It Too!

“Life Sucks! has a superb framework where you can’t find elsewhere. The brilliant Triple-S framework is simple and yet powerful manual that allow anyone to use it in their daily lifestyle in changing their life.” – Nathaddeus Tan, Author of The Success Gene

“Life Sucks! is a great book for anyone who want to grow to the next level in life.”
Stanley Beckett
, Author of Liftoff

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