Farhani Lee


Recently recognized as a strategist in personal brand empowerment, development and positioning, Farhani Lee has built upon her expertise in personal brand management over her successful journey as a corporate human resource professional, working inside organizations in various industries such as manufacturing, tobacco, education, venture capital, broadcast and entertainment over the past 10 years. Prior to that, her first taste of entrepreneurship at an early age of 23, was short lived and severely went in debt. She never gave up hope and continued to pursue her goals. Thirteen (13) years later, she ventured into the fields of wellness coaching industry.

To date, Farhani’s works has brought personal brand education to a fresh level of key success factors; on what makes effective personal brand marketing work in areas of business and professional environment.

Farhani has worked with hundreds of professionals in a diverse array of businesses who understands why they must strategically manage their own professional learning, brand leadership and personal positioning to continuously succeed with high credibility and authority —for their company and for themselves. She is also a sought after speaker with speaking opportunities for audiences of minimum of 40 to 4000 people.

Graduated locally with a Master’s Degree in Management majoring in Entrepreneurship, Farhani developed a profound level of passion to help local entrepreneurs to draw on proven strategies for success and to be an aspiring business owner in their chosen field by mastering key brand principles.

She is an appointed marketing consultant of Rootwommers, the fastest growing business and an entrepreneur network community in Malaysia, focusing on serving diversified arrays of entrepreneurs’ businesses, through “word-of-mouth” marketing proven system and structures.

Recently, Farhani was selected and accepted as a Guiding Mentor under Cherie Blair Foundation for Women’s Mentoring Women Business Programme to guide and help women entrepreneurs around the world to be successful in business and life.

Farhani is a perpetual and an avid student in the world of successful development and trainings as she is personally coached by world-class mentors like Jeff Slayter, Kane Miskus, both founder of Industry Rockstar, Australia, Joel Bauer and Blair Singer from USA, Andy Harrington from UK, Pamelina Siow from Singapore and Camelia Yaacub from Malaysia.

Farhani is a Certified Coach under T. Harv Eker’s Signature Quantum Leap Program, USA and a Certified NLP Master Practitioner under Duanne Alley’s NLP Programs Certification, Australia.

Last but not least, Farhani will be launching her first self-written book titled “How to Market Like Lady Gaga: 9 Kick-Ass Strategies to Make People Fall in Love with Your Product”, branding her as an international author alongside with world bestseller author and publisher, Gerry Robert, as her guiding mentor.


We have been discounted, not for our worth, but merely the price others are willing to pay.

We have underestimated ourselves on what we can offer to others, where as a matter of fact, we can offer a lot more than that.

It is about time we alter the way we market our products and services in today’s competitive world, either when we speak of business or making career offers.

In ‘How to Market Like Lady Gaga’, Farhani Lee has put together ‘9 Kick-Ass Strategies to Make People Fall In Love With Your Product’ in a simple structure. She conveys her valuable message to help individuals to market their products, in a swift and stress-free manner.

This book is specially written for solo-entrepreneurs, small business proprietors, self-employed professional and entrepreneurial employees, especially women who desires to gain self-confidence in achieving success in their business and be in control of their financial destiny.

1. Stressed & depressed who wants to get out of their situation, achieve financial freedom in the fastest way possible.

2. Frustrated, who wants clarity in what business they want to put-up & what do they want out of that business.

3. Ambitious individuals who newly ventured into business and desires to grow big, be known and avoid costly mistakes.

4. Soaring professionals who wants to be appreciated, recognized and accepted for their true value & potential.

5. Burn-out employees who seek higher self-esteem, confidence & competence in what they potentially will be doing.

You will learn…

3 Key Elements

1. How to define your own unique persona that attracts people like a magnet.

2. How to package your ultimate worth that you desire.

3. How to position it at high value that sells every time.

In these pages you will uncover…

How you can make a difference in the way you market your products
to others and gain respect from them at the same time.
Reinvent your value proposition that aligns with who
you are, command your own freedom and live
a purposeful life, doing stuff you love to do
that matters to you most,
every single day.

  • To trust your own brand to launch to a greater success.
  • Translate your vulnerability into opportunities.
  • Uncover what truly works in career and business success.
  • Work smarter, not harder at establishing your business or career.
  • Hone in on a clear and concise message that only your target market wants to hear.
  • Master your key confidence zone to serve you best, every single day.
  • Build your unique personal brand positioning framework in your expert area.
  • Be authentic when closing a deal.
  • Bring your audience to be on your side.
  • Structure your delivery for best results and maximum impact.
  • Have your customers ready to take more from you.
  • Instill key beliefs throughout your brand.
  • Use logic to add power to your message.
  • Sell to yourself first before others.
  • Sell at a rate of your own worth.
  • Identify your worth for the price you offered.
  • Get proven ways of educating your customer so they give you more in return.
  • Always add value to what customers want.
  • Offer added value to customers even when they don’t expect it.
  • The ability to handle any objections from almost everywhere.
  • Create irresistible offer for others to say ‘YES’.
  • Generate other attractive values to expand your business and clientele.
  • Learn and discover time saving techniques that dramatically cut down unnecessary stress.
  • Implement tactical actionable plans with ease to stay on success track.
  • Strategize every move to pull ahead in business and career success.
  • Many, many more…

“When you apply the insights and tips in this book, you will never have the fear of losing sight of who you are. Not only that, you will definitely generate fulfilling results in your business and career. So, please don’t just read it, put those WISDOM into practice and your life WILL be different!” – David Teo, Author of Friends Helping Friends to Become Richer

“Anyone who’s ever wanted to be able to achieve success and freedom in life, CONFIDENTLY, can benefit from this amazing down-to-earth methodology in this book.” – Petronilla Muriuki Musau, Author of Have Your Cake & Eat It Too!

“This is the only book that clearly speaks about what MARKETING is all about, in a simplified version! Brilliant!”
Stanley Beckett
, Author of Liftoff