Fabienne Slama


Fabienne Slama is a writer, a beauty digger, a sculptor and the revealer of the intrinsic beauty of women. She became a certified Core Energy Coach and an Emotional Healing therapist to help men and women release emotional trauma and move on after a life transition.

Her journey started after her own midlife crisis. After few years struggling with depression that ended up in her husband moving out, she decided that it was time to live her childhood dream. She wanted to help others physically and emotionally. Fabienne had been a biochemist in France hoping to cure major illnesses and a journalist to share her knowledge. Moving to the US in 1996, she became a mom and internationally recognized artist celebrating woman beauty by creating sensuous bronze sculptures. Her becoming a Coach, an Author, a Speaker and creating her company Path to Perfect Self represents a return to her first love of being a healer.

Today she is a true Renaissance Woman sharing her time between the Art and the Science of coaching. As so, she helps women to move smoothly through their own feminine midlife crisis, going from feeling that they lost their identity to become whom they want to be and achieve their dream life.


The only constant in life is change. Few years ago you were a young girl with big dreams. Then life happened. You got married, or not. Got kids, or not. A good job, maybe. Today you are 40, 50 and wonder at what point in the past years you forgot about your dream, your life, who you are and more important who you want to be.

It’s time to stop and think. It’s time to rediscover you. It’s time to bring to life the woman who knows you can be.

Learn how…

You can let go of your fears and limiting beliefs to become a Renaissance Woman: someone who accomplishes her dreams personally, emotionally, professionally. You can be this independent and positive person who gets to be who she want to be at her best for herself, by herself.

In these pages you will uncover…

What has been preventing you from living the life you want and deserve, and how to make the future you have been dreaming of your new reality?

Today is the day you start to change inside out and walk the path toward your true self.

  • You are the wife of, the spouse of, an employee of… How do you get to be you.
  • What has been preventing you from living your dream.
  • What are the tools that will take you from stressed to peaceful in a few minutes.
  • What does the 21st century Renaissance woman looks like.
  • How to create the blue print to make your life more exciting and put it into action.
  • How good enough is good, but you are allowed to want and can actually get great.
  • The feminine midlife crisis. Myth or Reality
  • How woman’s midlife crisis differs from men’s one.
  • How to keep or leave your relationship in the middle of your own change
  • How to feel and look sexy at 40, 50 and beyond.
  • Happy, Sassy, Strong and Smart: Discover the tools which will get you through life transition with a smile.

“Renaissance Woman is a book about you and your dreams. It can be fun and light at moments making it an easy read, but this book will actually give you the tools you were missing to wake up and take responsibility for your own future and achieve what you always wanted. Read it and get ready to move toward your best life.” – Nicole Normand, Author of Why Not YOU? 7 Simple Ways to Reinventing Yourself Personally and Professionally

“If you think this book is only for women, you might be wrong. Guys, how many of you have been wondering what happened to the lovely young girl you have been married to? Women change. Read this book to understand what she really wants.” – Ronel Harris, Author of What Every Woman Needs To Know To Be EMPOWERED, A Plan to Take Control and Change Your Life

“Sometimes you feel it’s time for a powerful change. Renaissance Woman gives you the tools to just that in a healthy and productive way.”
Victoria Titova
, Author of Miss Confident: How to Get Rid of Insecurities & Gain Everything You Want in Life