Eric Dynneson


Eric Dynneson is an author, a real estate investor and a broker, who bought his first property while still enlisted in the US Marine Corps. Twelve months later, he left the military and sold the property for a $20,000 profit. That’s when his lifelong journey, passion for real estate, financial education, and helping others succeed began.

Eric has bought residential and multi-family homes in several markets, and used creative financing strategies to create win-win results. Though it has not always been easy, Eric’s secret strategies guide homeowners through the real estate process, like navigating the field of landmines that hurt so many people.

Eric’s most recent closing increased the value for the homeowner by $156,000 in 8 months. Though this is not typical in every case, the strategies his client’s experience have gain $20,000-$30,000 of increased home value beyond normal market conditions.

Before leaving the Marines, Eric coordinated the Toys for Tots program in Annapolis, MD. It was during that time he felt his calling to give back to the community. Until this day, Eric makes it a part of his mission to be involved in several charities.

Eric currently lives in Denver, Colorado. With his better half, Amanda, they have two children and are passionate about life, being a part of building their local church and engaging in the community.

Eric can be contacted via his Contact Form at

Apply to have Eric broker your real estate needs. At time of this writing, he can only take on three new clients per month. If he is not in your marketplace, he will gladly speak with you and help you determine the best referral candidate he rigorously qualifies or mentors to get you the best possible results.


Ever wonder why some houses sell quickly while others don’t? Or why some houses sell for a lot more than others? I mean, just hire an agent, put a sign in the yard and do an open house, right? Or is there really more to it than that? Everyday, homeowners find that no matter their result, it was not by accident. It turns out that higher prices and quicker sales are a direct relation to a certain standard that is tailored to that specific home. There is no room for cookie cutter planning unless you want to gamble your house away. These chapters break down these standards that have helped many happy sellers move forward with their dreams. Real life lessons here can be the difference of starting your new life somewhere over the rainbow, or six more months of people walking through your home that you have to keep tidy like a compulsive housemaid.

It’s one thing to have your home listed and not sold, and it’s another thing to be faced with selling options in a divorce; yet, it’s a whole other thing to have to deal with both! If you absolutely must sell your home and want all the odds in your favor, then this book is a must-read for you. You’ll see how others have faced similar challenges, and you get to learn from their experiences first hand without you having to deal with all their pain yourself.


Think like a buyer (particularly the buyers that skipped your house for the one down the street). Avoid mistakes that have cost other home sellers $20,000-$30,000.

  • Sell a house without dropping the price.
  • Steps you can take now.
  • And much more.


Secrets reveal why some sellers either lose or gain $30,000 from their list price.

  • Ready to sell? Exploring what you can do now.
  • Seeking expert help so you get the best results.
  • Discovering improvements, repairs and more.
  • The truth and only the truth: Disclosure Laws.
  • Tossing, boxing and staging—oh, my!
  • Marketing for your audience and cool tricks.
  • First, the listing price, then the selling price.
  • The offer, the emotion and logic of it all.
  • Grinding through contracts, escrow, and closing.
  • See why “Perfect Houses” don’t always sell the first time.
  • Selling standards during a divorce.
  • Bonus: “She sold the property for $42,000 more than anyone else in the neighborhood.”