Elma Alorro Dionela


Born in the Philippines, Elma Alorro Dionela knows what it’s like to live through hardships. After graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Education, she went to pursue her ambitions in Europe to improve her quality of life. She has over 17 years of experience as an educator working in three different countries.

Elma was diagnosed with breast cancer in February of 1998. As a dedicated wife and mother of two, she had a strong determination for survival. She stuck to her courage and positive attitude which made it possible for her to overcome the greatest turmoil in her life.

After a long but successful recovery, Elma was able to live harmoniously by her golden rule: “Be absolutely determined to enjoy what you do, regardless of having breast cancer.” Now, at the age of 69, Elma has made it her mission to inspire other breast cancer patients. Her book How To Turn Scars Into Stars is a testimony of will, sacrifice and contribution.


Breast cancer is a disease that a lot of women worldwide have to deal with. What about the fear you experience when hear those devastating words from your doctor or the fact that you will lose a precious body part? Battling cancer is a mental sport: it involves long and restless nights after surgery, not to mention the monthly check ups at the hospital.

In How To Turn Scars Into Stars, you will learn how to stay positive from the moment you’re diagnosed with breast cancer. A survivor herself, Elma Alorro Dionela shares her experiences and how she overcame these mental challenges of having diagnosed with breast cancer. She also provides some practical advice towards living a healthy lifestyle.

In these pages you will uncover…

  • How to stay positive after the healing process.
  • How to live a healthy life.
  • Tips for improvement.
  • How to mentally prepare for the operating room.
  • How to deal with depression after surgery.
  • How to stay productive.
  • How to avoid self pity.
  • How to put negativity behind you and face reality.
  • How to appreciate life.
  • How to be a role model to other breast cancer patients.

“This isn’t one of those ‘I-am-going-to show-youhow- it’s-done’ type of book. Au contraire! This story exceeds battling breast cancer. Elma’s experiences tap into your mind and heart. She tells it like it is in a very practical and positive way. Elma, thank you for showing me the power to progress. Congratulations for crafting such a delicate must-read” – Adeline Heng, Author of Doing Good and Doing Well

“A text book survivor on breast cancer. After reading How to Turn Scars into Stars, not only will you be able to appreciate life more, but you will also find out how much more you’re actually able to do, no matter how dire your situation is.” – Martha Lee, Author of Restful Fitness

“Great job, Elma! As a nurse, I meet all different types of people. And I can tell by experience recovering mentally is absolutely crucial. It could either speed up or slow down your overall recovery process. I would recommend this book. The lifestyle tips are also very useful.”
Esmeralda Vinas
, Nurse at Advocate Lutheran General Hospital, Park Ridge, IL USA