Elizabeth Frisch


Elizabeth Frisch is the founder and CXO of The Thrival Company. She started her career as a chemical engineer from Purdue University and then cross-trained into Psychology, Business Performance, Auditing, and Organizational Culture and Individual Behavior Change. Spending more than 20 years of leading, teaching, and designing engineering, environmental and organizational development programs, she realized that there were common individual and cultural practices used that determined whether an idea was successful or not. Loving the challenges of broad social change and making peoples’ big ideas a reality, these observations inspired her to develop a series of practices around making ideas happen, changing your own behavior, and leading others.

Her clientele are diverse ranging from Fortune 100- 1000 companies to government agencies, nonprofits and the U.S. Military. She is a keynote speaker on topics of leadership, behavior change, social evolution, and innovation often sharing her story of her personal epiphany with the births of her children and finally realizing after many failed attempts that ‘You can’t engineer humans!’ Her work has impacted the lives of thousands of people helping them fulfill on their big dreams for their lives, communities and workplaces. Elizabeth brings an honest, insightful, and often humorous perspective on human nature and the habits we adopt that save us or sink us.

Her work in more than 50 different for-profit, non-profit, and governmental sectors allows her to bring a broad and unique perspective on how to combine the best practices in each model of business, to create organizations that deliver on their vision and mission and have fun doing it! From the plant floor, to the top floor, Elizabeth is just as comfortable in a hard hat and boots building teams in the field as she is working with boards and executive level management on strategy, leadership succession and making their next big idea a reality!

In her personal life, Ms. Frisch is passionate about donating her time, talents, and treasure to her favorite charities working on big environmental and social issues. She is an active volunteer and member of Impact Austin (www.impact-austin.org/), a women’s giving foundation and supports more than a dozen non-profits across the United States. Ms. Frisch lives in Austin, Texas with her husband and two children. When not writing, consulting and being a mom, she finds relaxation through fishing, kayaking, and birding anywhere near the ocean!


Have you ever had a great idea and it never happened? How many of you in your job have felt frustrated watching idea after idea fail? Most big ideas never make it out of our heads, much less into your work, home or community. We have been taught from a young age to let them most ideas go, as it’s just ‘not possible’ or we stop trying to make an idea happen because there is too much resistance. Yet all positive change in our society can be attributed to people fulfilling on big ideas despite failures, resistance, and mistakes. You can be one of those ‘idea’ leaders!

It’ s so easy to think that “I’ m not a visionary. I can’ t do that.” Yet after 20 years of working with people across every level of government, small and large businesses, and non-profits, Elizabeth Frisch has found that being a person who can take big ideas to reality has nothing to do with where you came from or what education you have had. It has everything to do with mastering simple practices to nurture the idea out of your head, sharing it, and spreading it into the world, whether it takes you 1 month or 100 years. This book teaches 8 practices to help you become a master at shepherding an idea out of your head and into your home, workplace, community and world.

Where many people teach about people and their visions and the results, few give a practical, replicable framework that scales to any size of organization.

Book 1 of the Empowering People into Leadership Series, Mission To Million$, is intended to bridge that gap and empower more individuals to succeed on their big ideas.

Learn how to…
To become a master at shepherding an idea out of your head and into your home, workplace, community and world. Be empowered to confidently use the practices in this book to give you a framework to make your ideas happen whether they are big or small, take you a month, a year or a lifetime to accomplish. You decide.


In these pages you will uncover…

  • Capture every idea you think of and don’t lose them until you are ready to get in motion
  • Reconnect with your imagination to rebirth the power of the creativity sitting within you dormant
  • Become a master at keeping your commitments and staying in action no matter what resistances or circumstances you encounter.
  • Create a clear message, your OM3, around your idea that allows you to powerfully share your message and engage others.
  • Discover the baggage held within you since childhood that is holding you back every time you want to make an idea happen
  • Work your idea through a clear plan to ensure you are making progress
  • Build the right team to support you
  • Develop a case for action that speaks to your idea and inspires people to action around your idea
  • Grow your network and engage your fan base to ensure your idea builds momentum and drastically reduce your time to make it happen
  • Use simple daily actions to keep you in forward motion over time

“This book isn’t just for people who want to grow an idea and make money really fast, but for people who want to live an amazing life, build teams, serve the world, and live fulfilled lives by making their great ideas a reality!”
– J. Michael Cavitt, Author of The “R” Effect

“This is a great book about taking things out of your head and getting in action, but it’s so much more! It’s part head and part heart and how to create something that makes an impact.”
– Shirley Anthony, Author of The NEW Entrepreneur

“Getting ideas out into the world is a succession of steps, sometimes linear and sometimes in circles! To succeed, you need a framework and tools to hold yourself accountable. Read this book and shorten your steps and missteps dramatically.”
Gurunath Hari
, Author of The 6 Dimensions