Elena Raducu


Elena Raducu is a successful entrepreneur, and the proud mother of a one-year-old son. She has been activating in direct sales for more than 15 years, empowering women all over Romania, and offering a new and innovative way of life.

She has expertise in management, development, and training, and leverages her experience as an author, blogger, key speaker, and career coach. With her energy and enthusiasm, Elena offers motivational speeches and even YouTube cooking lessons.

She is part of an international transformational program, Chain of Confidence, and is helping to change women’s lives, one at a time.

“I always dreamt of writing my own book that can help others to live a better and happier life. I love to inspire, educate and entertain women all over the world”.


A Man Is Not A Plan: How To Create Your Own Income Fast is a tool for women all around the world on how to survive, make a living, and be successful without depending on a man. Fifty years ago, a man was a plan. “A woman should marry,” was the most important step in her life.

Today, we see women of success who are single and concentrating on their careers, and who sometimes place their relationships with men second to their own success or well-being. Elena Raducu teaches women how to be independent, how to earn their own living, how to survive, and how to be a model for others. Success comes from accomplishment, and from the smile and help women offer to others.

Learn How To . . .

Create your own success without leaning on a father, husband, or boss. Discover the personal stories of women who’ve mastered their own lives, and follow Elena Raducu’s step-by-step guide to personal development for women.

In These Pages You Will Uncover . . .

Become a woman of power, able to succeed through confidence and determination.

  • Image – How you see yourself and how others see you
  • Attitude – Can change your day, your journey, your destination
  • Dress for success – Always. There is no excuse for not looking your best
  • Enthusiasm – You can change your day by changing your mind
  • Networking – Positive relationships are the most important thing today
  • Persuasion – Convince yourself and the others will follow
  • Get a Coach – You will never regret having the right direction
  • Create Goals – Write them down and read them every day to stay focused
  • Lead Management – You are or a follower, or a leader. There is no mid-way
  • Follow Up – Every day. On all your actions, thoughts, states of mind, friendships, and career opportunities