Edgar Villamarin



Edgar G. Villamarin holds a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology, a master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy, and has credentials in the treatment of trauma. He is an expert in mental health and immigration law in the United States. He produced his own talk show and he is a frequent guest on television shows at Univision and Telemundo. He now works in Pasadena, California.

While being an active Big Brother in a youth mentoring program, Dr. Villamarin also enjoys traveling the world and is a strong advocate of philanthropy.

The quality of his friendships makes him feel grateful and his greatest joy in life is his relationship with his daughter, Sarah Paloma.

When he is not working, he can usually be found watching soccer or tennis, solving chess problems, playing Sudoku, or listening and dancing to salsa music.


Here’s a road map on how to bring yourself out of the humdrum and into the best version of you. The book provides you with step-by-step tools, exercises and techniques to dream high, take action and achieve your desired goals. Each chapter takes you through realistic encounters on how to face challenges, make friends with the saboteur within, deal with outside distractions and become a magnet for fulfillment satisfying human relations, meeting fascinating people, abundance and permanent joy.

Lead your life with passion and be witness to an extraordinary life beyond your wildest expectations.

This book addresses the pain, despair and anguish most people live with today.

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Suffer no more. You, Beyond Limits gently and systematically takes you step by step, prepares you
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You will also learn how to recognize events and people who deter you from achieving your goals, as well as engaging those who catapult you into a life of success, joy, satisfaction in human relations and ultimate meaning.


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You can finally overcome being your own worst enemy by paradoxically embracing your shortcomings and owning the person you are designed to be.

• No more sleepless nights; you will see how real purpose runs your life now.
• The pain of social isolation will be a thing of the past as you let your essence flow effortlessly.
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• Befriend your fears and liberate the person you have always wanted to be.
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• Imagine waking up every day knowing that all your needs are being met.
• Be in absolute gratitude regardless of your past.
• Become the miracle you were born to be.