Dr. Samira Yousefi


Dr. Samira Yousefi is a medical doctor with a Master’s degree in Dermatology. Her special interest is in Cosmetic Dermatology and Anti-Ageing.

Dr. Samira developed an interest in weight loss initially as an extension of her aesthetic practice. Having struggled with her weight for years, Samira realised that there was a missing link in most weight loss programmes.

Diets are doomed to fail if they disregard the deeper causes behind the problem. Knowing this she has embarked on a long journey to gain a deeper understanding of mind-body connection in relation to weight loss.

DIET PEACE is the result of years of research and training to design a simple, yet effective programme to lose weight permanently and restore self-confidence and zest for life.

What started as a business idea, turned into a passion to help others adopt a healthy lifestyle after Dr. Samira was herself diagnosed, and treated for Thyroid cancer.

Dr. Samira helps individuals by creating a personalised plan based on their nutritional, physical and behavioural characteristics. She guides her clients to gain a deeper selfawareness, discover the causes behind the problem and make positive changes.

Samira resides in London with her twin sons.


Why do you still struggle to maintain a healthy weight? Do you find yourself going through one diet after the other with no permanent result and frustrated?

With DIET PEACE you will gain insight to everything you need for a personal mind-body makeover.

Each day you will make small changes, effortlessly leading you towards a permanent, healthy weight and a fulfilling life that revolve around something other than food!

You will learn…

  • Why obesity is an increasing problem and what are the contributing
  • How your environment affects your food choices and your weight
  • How you can set a clear and inspiring goal and put it into action
  • What is stopping you and the obstacles that keep you from getting what
    you want
  • How to stay motivated and focused on your goal
  • Gain a sense of personal empowerment, deep insight into your mind and
  • Discover a completely different approach to lose weight easier
  • How to change your relationship with food and naturally reduce your
    desire to overeat
  • How to differentiate between physical and emotional hunger
  • What causes cravings and how to conquer them
  • How to change bad eating habits to healthy ones

In these pages you will uncover…

Use the power of your mind to change your body and other aspects of your life.


  • Be aware of your thought patterns that keep you fat
  • Break free from negative mindset and guilt game
  • Learn how your attitude about yourself and your life determines your
    choices and actions
  • Discover the root of your emotional eating
  • Heal the emotional eating pattern
  • Unlock the secret behind overeating
  • Discover an empowering new approach to manage overeating
  • How to stop sabotaging your success
  • How to bounce back from a binge
  • Understand the subconscious, psychological and emotional roots of your
    eating habits
  • Develop new healthy habits effortlessly

“If you are looking for a permanent weight loss plan, look no further than DIET PEACE. In this book Dr. Samira reveals result orientated principles required for permanent weight loss in a simple language.” – Igor Klibanov, Author of STOP EXERCISING! The Way You Are Doing It Now

“DIET PEACE is a practical guide for anyone serious about losing weight.” – Karen E. Grant, Author of The Million Dollar Image

“This is a must read for parents who want to establish healthy eating habits for their children and avoid the mistakes that lead to unhealthy relationship with food later in children’s life.” – Mehjabeen Abidi, Author of Bringing Order To Chaos.