Dr. Orie Achonwa


Dr. Orie Achonwa is a clinical researcher, professor, published author, award-winning healthcare innovator, and highly sought-after on-air health expert with appearances on ABC, CBS, Fox, NBC, The Brian Tracy Show, eHealth Radio, among others. Thrive Global shortlisted Dr. Orie as one of 99 female founders to watch and she was profiled in Authority Magazine’s Women in Wellness feature.

Dr. Orie has over a decade of experience in adolescent and women’s health through her professional practice, service on national panels, and advisory roles for various health and wellness initiatives. With her wealth of insight into women’s health issues, Dr. Orie has the unique ability to guide girls and women to the healthier, more fulfilling lives they deserve.


Why are today’s girls high achieving yet unfulfilled? Why have so many lost their voice? Why are we seeing rising rates of depression, anxiety, early puberty, cutting, and relational aggression among our girls? According to esteemed child behavior expert Dr. Orie Achonwa, the answers are closely related to factors we rarely consider when raising our girls. In a thought-provoking and riveting re-evaluation of girls’ developmental years, Dr. Orie shines light on the unique challenges that girls face in today’s hyper-changing world and offers promising strategies for raising healthy, resilient girls in the twenty-first century.


You can finally stop standing by helplessly as your daughter goes through today’s complex growing pains. In this book, you’ll also learn a powerful system for actively guiding her transformation from a little girl in your arms, to a healthy, young lady that’s ready for the world.


The unique challenges girls face today and how to help them rise above the pressures, so it won’t negatively impact their performance and progress from adolescence to adulthood.

    • What’s really behind the rising rates of depression, anxiety, early puberty, cutting, and relational aggression among our girls.
    • Why girls are fast forwarding through girlhood, and how you can press the pause button.
    • What else you need to teach your daughter about what she puts in and on her body.
    • The more important point of discussion when speaking to overweight and obese girls.
    • How to help your daughter embrace her Heroine’s Journey and emerge a confident, healthy and self-sufficient young woman.
    • How fathers influence the development of a fierce daughter.
    • How to teach your daughter to get what she wants and stop accepting false harmony with her friends, boyfriends, siblings, teammates, co-workers, and more.
    • Why allowing your daughter to withdraw from you and the world is beneficial to her growth.
    • Why your daughter needs a passion and how it will shape her growth.
    • Why doing less as a parent will benefit your daughter more through her adolescent years and adult life.
    • How to focus on your daughter from the inside-out and why it will boost her self-esteem and confidence.
    • Bonus: What your daughter is not telling you about her daily challenges and how to use the insight to help her grow up healthier, stronger and ready for the world.