Dr. Meghana Dikshit


Dr. Meghana Dikshit is a renowned success coach for entrepreneurs and professionals. She’s an Ayurvedic doctor and a spiritual seeker. She is also an entrepreneur and a powerful speaker. She has shared the prestigious stage of the National Achievers Conference with Jack Canfield. A true believer in invoking personal powers for ultimate success, she advocates personal excellence. So far, Dr. Meghana has worked with over 29,000 people in the last 22 years of her working experience. She is known for getting to the root of her clients’ problems and launching them on to new heights of success by rewiring their neurological patterns. She has coached some eminent personalities including Fortune 500 CEOs, celebrities and well-known athletes.

Dr. Meghana is known for amalgamating ancient spiritual knowledge and contemporary neuroscience to create massive transformations, bringing guaranteed breakthroughs in her clients’ lives. Through her flagship seminar called “Ultimate Success, ” she has developed a scientific approach to pierce through the blockages that are stunting people’s growth and make them unstoppable.

Dr. Meghana is on a mission to help people realise their true powers and help them operate from their peak potential. She says Ultimate Success is a holistic 360º, which constructs every aspect of life. Her aim is to make people not just dream of success but also achieve it.


Do you know someone who gets whatever they want in life somehow magically?

• How do the successful people have everything going right in their life?
• Have you wondered how some people keep using their money and resources yet they never fall short of it?
• How do some people manage to keep everyone happy and satisfied?
• How do opportunities keep flowing in for someone without them doing anything?

Do you want better health, massive success, and happiness in your life? Do you want abundance in everything? Do you want harmonious and fulfilling relationships? Do you want to excel in your career? Do you want to start your business or be the winner in your current business?

In her book You Matter, Dr. Meghana Dikshit reveals the secret to achieving all this and more. In this transformational book, she not only takes you through the psychology of things, but also guides your pathway with the help of varied exercises and activities. This step-by-step guide will help you identify and break free from your limitations to live a life of freedom and joy.


• Finally break-free from the cycle your limitations, fears, limiting beliefs and all that’s stopping you from
creating your dream life.
• See the power of your self-awareness, belief, and clarity.

This is a powerful system that will get you to break through the walls of fear and self-doubt, reset your belief systems, identify and solve the limitations and allow you to be the best version of you in all areas of your life. Live a life of freedom and Joy. Have happy and harmonious relationships, abundance all through and the best you can imagine for yourself!


Create your dream life today!

If given a choice, what would your dream life look like? What would you want in it?

Now imagine if I tell you I can give you a toolkit to create that life you just envisioned. This book empowers you with those powers. It hands over the toolkit you require to create and craft your desired life and instructions on how to do the same.

• Discover your inner blueprint and learn how to change it.
• What your core values are and how they affect your life?
• What is the purpose of your life?
• Who you really are?
• What is limiting you and how to identify the same?
• What is real freedom and joy?
• How to make better and effective decisions?
• How can you master your mind?
• How can you tap into and utilize the power within you?
• How can you plan and set off on a journey to create your dream life?
• Become the genie who can transform your life.
• Discover how to live a life of freedom and joy and break-free from your limitations.