Dr. Arlene and Dr. Marlene Brinkley


Drs. Arlene and Marlene Brinkley are exceptional educators, catalysts in education and business leadership development. They have led groups, teams, and staff members into becoming a unified body of individuals, transforming their unique personal qualities. The twins spent twenty-plus years rendering service as mentors, educators, seminar/workshop facilitators, and motivational speakers. In addition, they have tutored and supervised college interns and mentees. Between the two, they have earned several degrees; associate’s, bachelor’s, master’s, and doctorates, in both education and business. Twins are trailblazers and trendsetters, leaders in “their” area of gifting. As co-authors of Tribes That Thrive, they share a passion to provide leaders with a repertoire of basic, fundamental, proven ideas and strategies that will enable them to present themselves as change agents.

While they make their home in Florida, USA, the Sunshine State, they have traveled internationally, nationally, and locally to address problem-solving issues that arrive in leadership development. Drs. Arlene and Marlene have participated in short -term mission trips and are charity supporters of YWAM and Missionary Ventures. As agents on duty, the twins continue to expand their professional organization membership and affiliations, including: PCTA-PESPA, NEA, FTE, AFT, AFL-CIO and SHRM. They continue to teach, train, equip, and encourage others to do their work as they become productive citizens on Earth.

To contact Drs. Arlene and Marlene, please email agents@agents-transforming-cultures.com



How do people develop their vision while working in a corporate setting? Are you trained on the job to stay a follower and not a leader? Can you develop your leadership potential while working within a corporate setting? Is your job really preparing you for personal success? What types of personal development can you receive while participating in a tribe?

Within each tribe lies the potential for each person to become a change agent. This book uncovers the dynamics of any corporate culture within a tribe. To be transformed, you must overcome the struggles that hinder your effectiveness. In the pages of Tribes That Thrive, you will be guided to activate and initiate change in your environment.

This system will guide and enhance a positive environment in which individuals, organizations, and communities will thrive.


Many groups are unorganized and unprepared for collaboration. Learn the strategies to overcome these obstacles. When each person within an organization knows who they are, there will be more cooperative collaboration in communities, allowing for better, more effective work ethic overall.


  • Thrive to be an effective change agent.
  • Adhere to the tribe’s groundwork.
  • Experience tribal growth.
  • Discover your true individual character.
  • Uncover the identity of agents within a group.
  • Build a team that is diverse and unified.
  • Understand organizational culture.
  • Find the desire to thrive.
  • Benefit from established, stable processes.
  • Self-awareness is the key to success.
  • Watch for clicks and cliques.
  • Initiate change in a corporate culture.
  • Never give up; transform!