Dr. Keerthi Devendra


Dr. Keerthi Devendra was born and raised in Sri Lanka. At the age of 12, his teachers spotted his talents and he was invited to be a math tutor for younger children. Around the same time, he developed an interest in writing. At the age of 13, he published his own Children’s Magazine.

He received a First Class Honors degree in Physics from the University of Sri Lanka and came to the United Kingdom for further studies. He received his M.Sc. from the University of Edinburgh and a Ph.D. with a special award for an outstanding research from the University of Sheffield. Later, he joined Rolls-Royce plc where he had a long successful career, working at the forefront of aerospace technology with numerous scientific publications and patents to his name. During this period, he had the opportunity to work with organizations in Germany, France, Canada, USA and Spain.

Throughout his life, he has been keen to help make society a better place for all and as a result, he has been elected by the community to numerous voluntary positions in both Sri Lanka and in the UK. In recent years, he has served as the Vice Chair of Governors at a local school, Governor of the Local Hospital, Member of the City Education Committee and President of the Society of Sri Lankan Engineers and Scientists in the UK.

In recent times, he has been a keen student of factors affecting personal development and individual happiness. He is a committed follower of the teachings of Sadhguru Jiggi Vasudev, Tony Robbins and Joe Dispenza.

He is well-known as an inspirational teacher and an effective leader, delivering outstanding results under the most challenging circumstances by motivating multidisciplinary teams. Home Away from Home is his contribution to a huge number of people looking for happiness and success in a new country.

Many people move to a different country with a lot of expectations and hope to find success and happiness. They work really hard yet many of them end up getting disappointed as they struggle to achieve their goals. This book provides simple guidelines and a set of tools for anyone living away from home to achieve their goals and find the happiness and success they deserve.


Many people work hard, struggle to find happiness, keep changing goals and live in hope. This book shows you how to identify what you really need to do to reach the happiness you are looking for. It shows you how to set clear goals and achieve them.

Some people do manage to achieve their goals and still end up being unhappy. This book shows you how to achieve a balanced life and reach that happiness that has been elusive by focusing on the important areas of your life in a systematic manner. This book teaches you how to improve your communications, relationships and knowledge whilst managing your money and working environment in an effective way, so that you can be happy and successful.


  • Discover what has been stopping you from reaching your goals and what qualities you have to develop to be happy and successful.
  • By using the tools provided, you will emerge as a “new person” who is well equipped to achieve your goals and find the success and happiness you have been looking for.
“People face different adversities every single day, probably more so when living in a foreign country. This book teaches you to be resilient, live your life with integrity, and just be the best person that you can be. Regardless of where you were born or where you live now, you will still find the happiness and success that you deserve.”

—Elizabeth Rentz
Author of Reinvent

“Keerthi Devendra shares his personal experiences to inspire people like you to establish ways of thinking to achieve the quality of life you deserve. When I moved to Europe from California years ago, I was nervous about everything. I wish I would have had a book like this to make a positive impact on my experience. He is right, home is where you can find happiness. The most important thing is to identify your long-term goals, take action, and be prepared for greatness and success. Thank you for this amazing book, Keerthi!”

—Virginia Phillips
Author of Yes, You Can!

“People are heavily influenced by society, culture, and beliefs. When you live in a different country, these factors can weigh you down. Thankfully, Home Away From Home is here. It’s a remarkable book that provides a positive approach to conquer these difficulties and use them to your advantage. Good job, Keerthi!”

—Caroline Bachot
Author of The Fastest Way To Happiness