Dr. Jud


Dr. Judith Sheleg, “Dr. Jud” has acquired a diverse range of professional license training: A physical education teacher at Wingate Institute, a dance choreographer at Kibbutzim College, and also an actor, director, and playwright at Tel Aviv University. Recently, she received a Doctor of Philosophy in Management diploma from Breyer State University in Los Angeles.

As a drama and theater instructor at Tel Aviv municipality, Dr. Jud created a framework for several amateur theater festivals with thousands of participants. The Tel Aviv Autumn Theatrical Festival in Susan Dalal, originally structured by Dr. Jud in 1992, is still underway today.

She is a creator of several effective learning methods in swimming, athletics, theater, and self-improvement of New Emotional Intelligence. She is also the author of romance urban-erotica Love Vortex, which is an Amazon bestseller, and part of the Licensed Speaker System with Black Card Books.

Dr. Jud is quite excited about the two seemingly contradictory worlds of emotions and intelligence, the brain and heart connection. Her research indicates that change is possible and behavior can be creative, original, spontaneous, and authentic, with unexpected joyful life energy.

Dr. Jud’s vision is to reach every person in the world with online smart tools to demonstrate how the heart-brain connection creates powerful emotional balance and flexible behavior. Dr. Jud wishes to unleash and empower hidden intuition.

In our high-energy, high-achieving modern society, emotions have taken a backseat. People do not reveal their true emotions in their daily lives. Rather, they hide them, even from themselves. This causes great stress. Human emotions are energy, and this energy has the capacity to overwhelm the brain. In other words, when a person is in the midst of an emotional storm, the energy clouds their mind. A clouded brain confounds the ability to synchronize factual data it has collected over its lifetime with the relevant logic it possesses. A person with a clouded brain says in hindsight, “Where was my brain?” or, “I lost my mind!” In that stressful situation, the flow of their movement was interrupted, and, in retrospect, the person becomes sorry for his reaction for the past while he was in the midst of an emotional storm. This is not an emotionally intelligent behavior.

Emotional storms are common in preparation for exams and during school tests. They disturb every life intersection that requires creativity to deal with the unknown. People without emotional awareness react like animals with a survival mechanism: FFF (Freeze, Flight,
or Fight). This book offers the human evolutionary Fourth F: Feel!

Like most life-forms, people respond with FFF. The results are alienation, opacity, and war. To be able to respond with the Fourth F, you have to learn and practice it. Practice transforms these heavy emotions into creative, original, spontaneous, authentic responses. The training is worth the results with an unexpected experience of joyful life energy!

Furthermore, the book explains important aspects of New Emotional Intelligence used by businesses who increased sales by 47% within three months with fewer workers.

Also, it is important to note that on the day of the embarrassing event, sales were 23% less from the previous year.


Understand that positive and negative emotions will always drive your behavior. With this book you will have the tools to use all your emotions to change the unuseful behavior, which does not serve you anymore.

You have the power to choose to whom you express your emotions. Wisely expressed emotions gain more love and appreciation in your life. This will bring you joy and the ability to affect others positively.

Manage emotional relationships as a leader, not as a dictator.

Know when it is okay to allow yourself to be emotionally led in relationships; avoid being driven without your consent.

Finally break the cycle of having a cloudy brain, then experiencing obtuseness, torpidity, and stupefaction. Instead, experience the inexhaustible power of your New Emotional Intelligence to be a leader in your life.

Implement a powerful system for every smart person who loses control of his or her rude behavior and wishes to behave wisely.

Break through the limits of fear and self-doubt that have held you back; enroll those powerful emotions to help you achieve your goals for a better future.


How you can rationally understand your emotions, which are created by your soul. In this way, you will come to understand your inner voice, and you will be equipped to openly express your emotions among people you love. When you understand yourself, you’ll learn to love yourself, and you will enjoy wonderful, more meaningful emotional intimacy with the people around you. In this way, you can define your happiness.

  1. Learn from true-to-life stories about smart people reacting stupidly and, on the contrary, how they responded as new emotionally intelligent people.
  2. Discover ways to identify emotions in real time and utilize the emotional good or bad energy for your benefit.
  3. Know with whom and how to express your emotions wisely, not to cause hurt but to make a difference.
  4. Integrate your transformation as a new emotionally intelligent person in an environment that does not change.
  5. A clear picture of reality is perceived when one is emotionally balanced, wherein the brain and the senses work their best together to perceive the event.
  6. Rely on your positive past in your present; involve complete alertness to build a better future.
  7. To win without fighting or competition, you need three types of wisdom:
    • Inside wisdom: an internal brainstorm between logic and the soul.
    • Mutual unique wisdom: intuitive response to different people.
    • Deepest wisdom: the ability to radiate influence according to your new developed emotional intelligence.
  8. There is a difference between navigating and controlling emotions. Who is the winner?
“Dr. Jud’s brilliant presentation of psychology in her most useful table representations and careful research offer new insights into our two minds—the rational and the irrational—and how these two work together to shape our destiny. It rightfully earns its place in this year’s reading list.”
Brian Nieves, United States of America
Author of The Dirty Dozen, owner of Nieves Enterprises Int.,
chief operating officer of MGB-Surgery LLC

“This concept of ‘emotional intelligence’—two things we consider opposites—is actually working together to inform and support our best choices. Thank you for this invaluable insight into understanding emotions in a new and powerful way.”
Rhonda Uretzky, United States of America
Author of The Blissful Warrior

Most people think we have no time to dwell on our emotions. This book belongs in the collection of anyone wanting to break free from the stereotype of expressing emotions as a sign of weakness in the midst of our busy lives. You just have to crank it up a notch, and the book will make your busy life spacious!”
Franky Ronaldy & Meow Ling Ng, Singapore
Authors of Life Sucks!

In Making the Irrational Rational, Dr. Jud uncovers how we can all be unique and yet complement one another at the same time, making our special qualities normal and indispensable to the society. Dr. Jud shows us how to celebrate our differences so we all win.”
Barry Spilchuk, Canada
Co-author of A Cup of Chicken Soup for the Soul

“Making the Irrational Rational is a boot camp for emotions. I never have seen this kind of analyzing self wisdom. Seriously, this book earns my thumbs up!”
Nathaddeus Tan, Singapore
Author of The Success Gene

Dr. Jud has laid out an important foundation for us to understand the human condition better. Her book offers practical steps and wisdom for living a more fulfilling life, both within ourselves and with those around us.”
Allan Lorraine, Australia
Author of Sales Manager Reset

A fantastic book that reveals powerful, moving, and enriching insights on New Emotional Intelligence. Brace yourselves: Be ready to learn a lot because in the past, you’ve managed your negative emotions in a wrong way. Now, not anymore—you will learn a lot!”
Tan Choon Kiang, Malaysia
Author of Life Makeover