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Dr. Iqbal is a medical doctor who has studied extensively on investing techniques. He has also been trading online — stocks, options and forex — for the past 10 years. Dr. Iqbal is the manager of the website www.unlimitedincomenow.com, which is a marketplace for remarkable online courses. He encourages colleges, institutions and other organizations to showcase their courses through this website, as people who are looking to improve their skills and income will likely search for such courses and enroll. He believes in investing in property for long-term benefits. His passion to learn various forms of investment from the top gurus in the world has led him to share his knowledge by writing this wonderful book.

Dr. Iqbal has spent tens of thousands of dollars learning investment strategies, trading techniques, as well as on motivational courses. These have accelerated his lifestyle, net worth and income, and have added great meaning to his life. In order to help more people, he now has a website (www. unlimitedincomenow.com) that helps all who are looking to improve their income. The website is a great marketplace for affordable online courses that enable everyone enrolling to improve their skills and knowledge, which in turn increases income. Gurus who have wonderful online courses in their specialty can put their courses in this marketplace so they can reach out and help more people worldwide. Colleges and institutions with online courses can reach out to people all over the world through this website.

Dr. Iqbal’s passion is changing people’s attitude from settling for a mediocre lifestyle to realizing their full potential by becoming rich and successful. This work led him to write this book, which gives in-depth ideas on how we should reach out for the stars and be great and successful. It also gives clear ways on how success can be achieved.


This book reveals the pain associated with mediocrity. When people settle for less, they suffer from not being able to spend on the things they want. Sometimes this causes an inability to afford basic needs like good food, clothing and healthcare. In such cases, many blame others for their situation — from their parents and children, to the government. Blame does not change anything. Some resort to justifying that it is not necessary to have more than we need — not realizing that they are reducing their needs and wants to fit their income.

The book further discusses why today the need to have extra income is greater than at any time in history. To enjoy the technological breakthroughs we need more income. It analyses how stress-free life can be when we receive more money and how enjoyable every day can become.

In this book we discuss the different ways to increase money that best suits your character, risk profile and needs. We look into how anyone, with any amount of money can create another source of revenue. You need not be RICH to invest; you invest to become RICH.

Unlimited Income Now also discusses how not only individuals but also businesses, small and big, can increase their revenue. It provides insights on why businesses grow or die. The world is changing; doing the same things does not promise the same results. Individuals and businesses need to change their methods and ideas.

Learn How…

  • Individuals can improve their income.
  • Businesses can boost revenue, increase productivity, retain staff and have a happy environment.
  • Economical ways to learn new skills.
  • The importance of applied knowledge and regular practise at becoming an expert.
  • To practise without risking money.
  • How experts in specific fields reached their goals.

In These Pages, You Will Uncover…

  • The biggest risk is relying on one job and one skill.
  • Gone are the days when you can stay in one profession and job your whole career.
  • Why you need to learn more ways to create income.
  • More affordable and easy ways of learning new skills quickly.
  • You can enjoy things you never dreamed you would.
  • How you can stay in the job or business you love and yet earn extra income with skills you learn.
  • The pleasure and the advantage of learning.
  • You can spend more quality time with your family and have less stress in your work, when there is more money flowing in.
  • New skills can help you to work less and earn more.


  • Learn different ways to increase your income depending on your attitude and risk profile.
  • Risk is not directly or indirectly proportional to the reward.
  • Money management is a skill which has to be mastered, no matter what.
  • When businesses boom, economy improves and every one is happy.
  • Your job or business is not your spouse; you can have more than one simultaneously.
  • Increased income leads to a happier life and more stable relationships.
  • There is no right or wrong; balance is the key.
  • There a 1,000 ways to improve your business; using two or three positive strategies can drastically increase your revenue.
  • Money is lying on the road; know whether you are on a national highway with racing bikes and trucks, or a side lane before you stoop to pick it up.
  • Learn how much money you are leaving on the table by not learning new skills.
  • Life is wonderful; enjoy it!
  • Charity is fulfilling when you are on the giving end.

Unlimited Income Now is a marvelous book to open the eyes of people, to explore new methods of upgrading skills and to improve one’s earnings. This book has selected systems and simple ways of increasing income. Friends and family alike should be forced to read it.”
Alexander Woo,
author of Work Hard, Die Poor? Or Work Smart, Retire Young And Rich?

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