Dr. Cynthia Simon


Dr. Cynthia Simon has worked in government, engineering, finance, and technology, serving in various positions, including computer-aided design, credit administration, program, project and relationship management, and her true passion, employee engagement.

Dr. Simon has over fifteen years of expertise in all facets of organizational and leadership development, including team building, educational advancement, and employee retention at a fortune 500 company. She has developed innovative programs, learning solutions, and communication strategies to support employee engagement activities such as recognition, diversity and inclusion, employee survey administration, action planning, career development, mentor program, innovation campaigns, and process improvement.

Since 2007, Dr. Simon has worked as an associate business professor, facilitating various courses. She enjoys engaging and motivating students at all stages of their educational journey by integrating her real-life work experience with academics to help them achieve their academic goals and objectives.

Dr. Simon attended Schiller College in London, England, and holds a technical degree in computer programming from Unified Technical College; a bachelor’s degree in management; a master’s in organizational management from the University of Phoenix; and a doctorate in organizational leadership with specializations in conflict and dispute resolution and human resource development from Nova Southeastern University. She is a certified green belt, Design for Six Sigma; and white belt, for Lean Six Sigma.

Dr. Simon is committed to giving back to others. Her community involvement includes promoting diversity and inclusion through participation in various networks, fund-raising, and coaching endurance events for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

A very family-oriented person, Dr. Simon is the proud mother of Marc Collier, a sports entertainment attorney. Marc’s drive to excel in all that he does is a great source of pride for his equally remarkable and successful mother.


The demographics of the modern workplace are very different from those of the past. For the first time in history, five generations are working together, the most age-diverse workforce of all time. One of the most interesting phenomena in this generational shift is that both our oldest and youngest generations seem to be expanding in number at the same time.

Economic trends have resulted in our oldest generation, mature people born before 1946, to reenter or remain in the workplace longer. While millennials, those born from 1984 to 1997, have surpassed all other generations in number and are preparing to assume leadership roles currently held by baby boomers, those born from 1946–1964, and gen X, those born from 1965–1993, gen Zs are now entering the workforce, and they will play an integral role in shaping it.

Each generation has adopted unique characteristics and preferences based on life experiences. Each is influenced by things like technology, economics, politics, religion, and many aspects and ideas. These influencers created both negative and positive consequences while adding layers of complexity to the workplace. In many cases, this diversity creates a climate of confusion and conflict.

Yes You Can, with a Plan: How to Make the Most of Your Multigenerational Workforce; Work Smarter, Not Harder is designed to help leaders, managers, and human resource strategists gain a better understanding of today’s multigenerational workforce and how each generation helps shape the way work is approached and completed.

By understanding who comprises the workforce and how they work, leaders will be far better equipped to develop and implement strategies to create a culture where everyone can work together and contribute ideas and suggestions that will promote innovation and positively impact the bottom line.


  • Finally break down generational barriers and eliminate conflict and confusion in your workplace.
  • Unleash the power of your most valuable resource: your multigenerational workforce.
  • Employ no-nonsense techniques that will generate a huge return on investment in terms of attracting and retaining top talent, employee engagement, collaboration, innovation, and productivity.


Practical tips and insights for improving morale and keeping employees of all generations motivated, engaged, productive, and working well together.

  • Learn the unique characteristics and commonalities of your multigenerational workforce and how to maximize these to achieve business goals.
  • Understand the generational influences that shape workplace preferences and learn how to adapt your leadership style to address the needs of each generation.
  • Discover techniques to help you effectively manage your multigenerational workforce and positively impact your bottom line by attracting and retaining top talent, building high-performing teams, increasing innovation, and keeping employees engaged.
  • Remove obstacles that prevent work from getting done and learn strategies that will boost productivity.
  • Create value for every generation in the workplace by promoting intergenerational collaboration that leverages the successful practices and strengths of each generation.
  • Foster a work climate in which your multigenerational workforce feels free to contribute ideas and suggestions without being ignored, interrupted, or dismissed.
  • Reduce intergenerational confusion and conflict through authentic communication so people understand one another. Effectively and efficiently communicate in the language of the five generations in the workplace.
  • Cultivate a culture of trust and respect that values diversity of thought and encourages intergenerational collaboration.
  • Motivate and inspire your multigenerational workforce and implement targeted strategies to celebrate successes with recognition and rewards that are meaningful and will be appreciated.
  • Identify disengaged employees, those who show up physically but are mentally checked out, then employ techniques to motivate and re-engage them.