Debra Vogel


In her teens, the very driven Debra Vogel began a retail business in order to experience a vast array of cultures, both abroad and domestic. This desire led her also to military service upon her graduation from high school. After serving her six-year tour of duty in the military, she earned her bachelor’s degree in accounting, with a minor in business. She continued on in her career in the accounting field, albeit always setting her sights on higher horizons. During the course of her work in accounting, she received her real estate broker’s licenses in several states, and began buying, holding, and flipping residential and commercial properties

Debra has always had a passion for inspiring others and an interest in the wide diversity of the human race. As such, she was excited to participate in a program very similar to Habitat for Humanity. While serving in the military and throughout her career, she worked as a missionary. During this time, she gained a vast collection of different perspectives, especially related to difficulties she faced as well as faced by others.

Debra’s unique combination of an accounting background, real estate expertise and an unstoppable can-do mentality has been an asset in her ability to overcome many obstacles. Now, as an author, entrepreneur, public speaker, and professional life coach, she aims to share her experiences in an effort to help others along the path of their own journeys to positivity and success.


Are you overwhelmed with high stress and burnout? Today’s busy world is fraught with all of the following:

  • a constantly changing environment
  • a demand to multi-task and meet rigid deadlines
  • an abundance of negative attitudes and an I-can’t-do-it mentality
  • a melting pot of various cultures
  • many unique personalities and clashing ideas

This list goes on and on and on, each of these factors directly affecting your health, wellbeing as well as preventing you from reaching your goals and from tasting success. Matters are only complicated by the fact that we all have different needs and goals on our path to success. There is nothing wrong with having goals that will move you toward growth, however as we are evolving, it is necessary to experience inner joy, peace, and love toward each other while living in harmony with Mankind.


Achieve success in a complex world with simplified solutions that will help you get where you want to go while enjoying the journey along the way!


  • Viewing failure in a different light.
  • Experiences are really all about research and development.
  • Your experiences contribute to your mindset.
  • Is it a roadblock or just a matter of mindset?
  • The good, the bad, and the ugly: What makes up the mindset?
  • A negative mindset is equal to a lost opportunity.
  • Discover the attributes of a successful mindset.
  • Create a life of abundance with a positive attitude.
  • Your ace in the hole: Have a plan in place when the ugly shows up.
  • Create your legacy by choosing three defining words to describe yourself.

“A powerful, transcendental, yet practical read on overcoming the roadblocks of life. Learn from Debra’s experiences and insights, and you’ll find yourself feeling much more confident about yourself – and your life, right here and now.”
Lillie Cawthorn, author of The Money Factory

“A straightforward and honest book that brilliantly captures the emotional, mental, psychological, and physical baggage weighing us down and finding success by letting go. Congratulations, Debra Vogel!”
–Rich Clouse, author of Rich Dentist Poor Dentist

“Debra Vogel’s life experiences in Failing Forward will help readers in their respective journeys. It invites reflection, provokes adjustments and helps you overcome challenges.
–Benjamin Foo, author of iPOSSIBLE®!, Leadership Speaker and Entrepreneur

“So many people are too wired to the noise and distractions that we all wake up to that we fail to listen to that little voice within. Failing Forward takes our focus back to finding our road instead of seeing the obstacles ahead.”
–Gurunath Hari, author of The 6 Dimensions