Dayle Feliciano and Jon Abaquin, M.D.


Dayle Feliciano is an entrepreneur and COO of Vimmix Billboards Corporation. With Jon Abaquin, he creates strategic billboard locations for international clients. He has real estate sales experience as a licensed realtor in California and Nevada, specializing in Las Vegas properties. His software companies create innovative products, develop solutions for international clients, and design entertaining mobile games. He also enjoys public speaking in leadership seminars and enjoys life-hacking as a practitioner of balancing work and play. He is an avid fan of modern design and digital art and is very passionate about travel and loves adventure, always in search of the perfect beach paradise. #TBOfreedom

Jon Abaquin is a medical doctor and currently owns and manages two boutique student dormitories in the Manila university belt area. In addition to his billboard business in partnership with Dayle Feliciano, he also owns a property management and consulting business. A bearer of great news, an enlightened warrior, a tennis player, a designer, and a dreamer, Jon is a life coach by accident, a traveler by choice, and a natural beach lover. He is a bit obsessive compulsive with tasks and trash. He loves freedom, taking siestas, and generating passive income streams. His lifestyle consists of having control over his time and doing what he wants when he wants to. He believes fortune favors the bold, in work-play balance, and in having an attitude of gratitude. #celebratelife, #workplaybalance.

Escape from the stressful concrete jungle, get out of the box (your cubicle), and step into your brand new, relaxing beach lifestyle. There are no more excuses if you have The Beach Office blueprint to success, you can learn the secret of remote work and work-play balance, especially in this uncertain financial market, where no job is secure. Make your dream of escaping the rat race come true, then fulfill your fantasy of living in a beach paradise, free to travel anytime, while you earn more income with less work, using powerful productivity-increasing systems.

Balancing work and play, The Beach Office is a slacker’s guide to being productive while playing in paradise. An easy read with practical tips, the book offers stress management solutions by helping you focus on the five vertices of the Freedom Star, a life tool you can use to assess your wealth, health, relationships, contribution to society, and use of technology, all to make you happier and more productive in an easier, more fulfilling life.


Liberate yourself from stressful or tedious work and live your fantasy lifestyle in the beach paradise of your dreams, earning easily with passive income.

Start with a baseline measurement, a snapshot or “Point A” of where you are in life. Then set smart goals for your “Point B”, using The Beach Office Freedom Star life tool. Once you have a clear starting and ending point, you can achieve work-play balance by improving your Freedom Star profile.


Remove stress faster and be richer while relaxing at the beach. The Beach Office truly is the slacker’s guide to becoming a powerhouse of productivity! You can profit while playing in paradise, while enjoying a lifestyle that will afford you amazing work-play balance. Our goal is to reduce stress and increase money and time freedom by slowing your daily grind while speeding up your productivity and profits.

  • Be more productive while working wisely.
  • Create more time in your hectic day.
  • Have more energy to do all the things you love, while being more productive.
  • Start a new life, free from your existing stressful boss and work.
  • Find real happiness and peace of mind through this step-by-step guide.
  • Make more money through passive income.
  • Find, build, and have better, nurturing relationships.
  • Link up with other success-minded people to support your dreams.

With the five vertices of the Freedom Star: Wealth, Health, Technology, Relationships and Agape readers will know:

  • Why financial freedom is the immediate goal.
  • How a healthy lifestyle can give you more energy to do what you love.
  • What tools/technology are needed to help become productive.
  • How to create, nurture, and sustain positive and supportive relationships with oneself and others.
  • How being of service to your community and aligning with God/Universe/The Source can improve your life and help you achieve The Beach Office lifestyle.