David L. Hibbs


Who is David Hibbs? Today he is a bestselling author working on his third book, a successful Business Improvement Coach, and a Global Project Management instructor. His business, Hibbs Services LLC, gains new customers on a weekly basis. This business pulls together all of Dave’s business expertise into three segments: coaching & consulting, business improvement & rescue, and finally business education. This keeps Dave busy working and traveling the country regularly.

What does Dave like to do for fun and relaxation? He enjoys hiking and reading. But what gives him the most joy is to tell stories. Dave has participating in the storytelling craft for the past five years. Each year, he travels to Jonesborough, Tennessee to participate in the International Storytelling Festival. Dave enjoys getting up in front of crowds of 10 to 1000 people to tell his stories. Storytelling feeds his excitement for writing books. The storytelling helps him in his quest to find how to tell a better story through his writing. But where did he start? What are his roots?

Dave Hibbs was born and raised in upstate New York. Dave is the second of four children. Dave’s parents, raised during the depression and reaching adulthood as World War II began, taught Dave the way to get ahead in the world was to get a good education, get that well-paying job and settle down with his true love.

Dave has done that. Achieving a Master’s degree, Dave spent a brief time as a Junior High School teacher. After two years, Dave decided to go for the better paying job. Teaching was not to be that avenue. Dave found work with a Fortune 500 company as a customer service technician. Here he spent part of his time in the development and publishing of technical manuals. Dave worked his way up through the organization. He reached management but found that his passion was in the project management area. Nothing gave Dave more joy than to develop a project plan and successfully see it through much to the satisfaction of many clients. Dave did this for 18 years, enjoying each one.

While working here, two significant loves evolved. First was writing. Dave wrote several short stories. These were usually historical non-fiction and fiction. This writing allowed Dave to expand his horizons, meet new people and changed his life. The bigger change to Dave’s life was finding his one true love on a blind date. It took three dates before Dave was ready to pop the question, ‘Would you like to… read one of my stories?’ She read one of the fictional stories and understood the drama and humor found in the story. After that, it wasn’t long before Dave asked this wondrous person to marry him. Her answer was a conditional yes; the condition was that they travel the world together.

For the next 30 years, Dave and his bride have gone on many trips, both in the United States and around the World. Their honeymoon was driving themselves through Belgium, France, Switzerland and Germany. The happy couple have been to Europe several times. Experiencing exciting adventures from Paris, France to St Petersburg, Russia; from Oslo, Norway to Rome, Italy and every country in between. They visited Berlin 6 months after the Wall came down. They have traveled to Australia several times, French Polynesia (where they went scuba diving with hundreds of sharks) and New Zealand. They have booked cruises on 5 different cruise companies and enjoyed them all.

The book Dave has written is a collection of lessons learned, discussions with travel agents, and interviews with fellow travelers. Told in a light, humorous way, this was done to provide you with an easy to read book to assist in your planning, rid you of those fears and help you have the best trip ever.


Have you ever been sitting in a restaurant and heard someone at a table nearby describing a vacation that you would love to go on? Why haven’t you gone? Is it because you’re too scared to go to exotic places? Is it fear to step out of your comfort zone? You feel you don’t have the first idea of what it takes to plan a trip. Who do you call for help?

What should I pack? Can I deal with an airplane ride for a long period of time? What are my alternatives to flying to my destination?

Are even the basic decisions becoming overwhelming? This book will help you with all of these questions and more…

Learn how to…
You can get the most out of all the resources available. Determine where you’re going with minimum stress. Learn how to open yourself up for an adventure. See the best way to determine your itinerary. Be prepared for the little problems that may come up. Learn how to enjoy yourself and rekindle the excitement in your life. Learn how to relax and go someplace.

In these pages you will uncover…

What the best vacation for you can be. You’ll discover that there is an exciting world out there beyond your front porch. You will see if a cruise may be just the thing you want to do this year. Possibly a trip to where your ancestors came from, is not only interesting, but educational to you and your family. It could be a family vacation through Yellowstone National Park or simply a relaxing beach chair in Miami.

A good smooth enjoyable trip is like watching a ballet being performed. The choreography enhances the enjoyment. As it flows, all the parts fit together to create a work of artistic joy. Your vacation can be just as enjoyable with the ideas, guidance and direction this book provides.

  • Explore the reasons why you don’t travel very much.
  • See that the planning is not hard once you know who to contact and where to look.
  • Imagine yourself doing things that 5 years ago you never dreamed you would.
  • A step by step planning and packing process with sample tools provided.
  • Get pointers on action by some of the top Travel Agents.
  • Hear stories about vacation mishaps as well as vacation joys.
  • Find places to go to renew yourself and those special relationships.
  • See that driving a car or taking a plane to a destination aren’t your only options for a thrilling vacation.
  • Planning is the key to a wonderful, problem-free vacation.

“As a how-to guide, this book contains everything you may need to know. Brimming with straightforward advice anyone can use to overcome the apprehension associated with planning a vacation.” – Randolph Leigh, Author of Stop the Pills

“Anyone who’s ever wanted to be able to travel confidently can benefit from the down-to-earth knowledge in this book.” – Patsy Chia,Author of Retirement Reset

“If you could read only one book for help with planning your family’s vacation, THE ART OF TRAVE LING is the one to choose!”
Sheryll M. Pura
, Author of Suite Living