David E. Hargroder, M. D.


Dr. David Hargroder is a graduate of LSU Medical School. He completed his surgical residency at LSU Medical Center in Shreveport, Louisiana, and completed his kidney/liver transplant fellowship in 1993. He has been in private practice since 1993 and served as vicechairman and then chairman of the Department of Surgery at Mercy Hospital in Joplin from 2008 through 2012. He currently serves as chairman of the division of General Surgery. He is a trauma surgeon, general surgeon, and bariatric surgeon and was the first surgeon trained to perform the Mini-Gastric Bypass by Dr. Robert Rutledge, the founder of the Mini-Gastric Bypass procedure.

For nearly two decades, Dr. Hargroder has worked with, studied, and helped people struggling with obesity. He is quickly becoming known as “America’s Weight Loss Doctor” and is loved by patients literally around the world! His compassionate approach to each of his patients and depth of knowledge concerning those who struggle with obesity is without rival.

In addition to a thriving weight loss practice, Dr. Hargroder is a sought after speaker/trainer, and travels both nationally and internationally to help teach and advise other surgeons and medical professionals about not only the scientific side of weight loss, but also the “Human Side” of those who struggle with obesity.


For far too long, society has put a burden of guilt and shame on those who struggle with their weight. This book helps explain why some struggle more than others and what to do when you’re ready to put an end to dieting, guilt, and shame.

Learn how to…

In these pages, you will learn how hormones, genetics, and other biological factors that you have no control over, play a significant role in your ability, or inability, to maintain a healthy weight and why it may be time for you to put an end to the guilt and shame by pursuing weight loss surgery. You will also learn about the dramatic, almost miraculous effect weight loss surgery has on a variety of medical conditions including diabetes, sleep apnea, chronic joint pain, and high blood pressure.

In these pages you will uncover…

  • Common misconceptions about obesity and people struggling with their weight.
  • Physiological and medical reasoning for why some find it much more difficult to lose weight than others.
  • What winning the weight loss battle for life, once and for all, has meant in the lives of the many brave souls who decided to put an end to dieting, shame, and guilt.
  • Medical data that helps you understand that your struggle with weight is not a character flaw.

“Today’s society is plagued not only by the effects of obesity, like diabetes and heart disease, but also the escalating health costs associated with it. Dr. Hargroder is helping people win the weight loss battle for life and, at the same time, doing his part to bring health costs down!”
– Senator Brian Nieves, Missouri,

“I know first hand that Dr. Hargroder is an eminent weight loss doctor because I have lost of 110 lbs after meeting him and receiving the MGB procedure. This book provides non-technical explanation to help people wade through the options when it comes to weight loss surgery. What makes this book so powerful is the main message reflected in the title… OBESITY is NOT a character flaw. This was the first time I had ever heard that notion. Get this book for yourself or for anyone you know who struggles with weight issues.”
Gerry Robert
, Bestselling Author of The Millionaire Mindset