David and Tammy Stanley


Tammy Stanley is the coauthor of ‘FREEDOM = (TIME+MONEY)2 – The Simple System To Rock Your Finances (Ignite Your Freedom)’ Say goodbye to stress and fear around money today.This book’s simple yet effective strategies make your anxiety and your debt disappear as it reveals how to gather appreciating assets and claim the wealth you deserve!

The coauthor of this Best-Seller-bound book is her husband, David Stanley. This power couple also founded www.IgniteYourFreedom.com where you’ll discover resources and solutions to win your financial freedom sooner.

Tammy has shared the stage with world-renowned speakers. Her expertise is exactly what the media and organizations are seeking — a fresh, practical, real-world perspective from someone who’s been “there and back” yet still come out a winner!

After more than two decades, Tammy transformed corporate experience and numerous leadership roles into her own entrepreneurial success. This new-found calling allows her to truly live her purpose and passion which is helping people understand and manage their finances to eliminate debt.

Despite a demanding schedule Tammy remains a devoted wife and partner in business and life with David, in Toronto, Canada, where she grew up, and now lovingly raises their son, Dylan, who she calls “Phenomenal!”

David Stanley is passionate about helping you to eliminate debt and reduce stress in your life to reach financial freedom sooner. This respected Money Expert & Prosperity Professional is the acclaimed co-author of the upcoming Best Seller entitled “FREEDOM = (TIME+MONEY)2 – The Simple System To Rock Your Finances (Ignite Your Freedom)”

While many financial advisors sell you products and services for commission, David is literally on a mission to eradicate the pain of debt and stress from simply trying to make “enough money” for day-to-day needs.

As a published columnist and blogger, David’s advice is praised for beingrealistic and sensible for anyone looking to end overwhelm and discover the keys to true financial independence.

David shares the spotlight and stages worldwide with today’s top thought leaders, bringing both hope and inspiration, while he shares his simple system for wealth and prosperity in your life!

This dedication was born of David’s own personal and painful experience of being a single parent after a life-altering divorce, drowning in tens of thousands of personal debt, and not having the money enough to provide for his 2-year old son despite working 7 days a week.

However, after meeting his wife and co-author, Tammy Stanley, she gifted him with a new mindset and methods that allowed them both to create a net worth of over 1 Million dollars! Besides writing their book together, they also founded IgniteYourFreedom.com where you’ll discover resources and solutions for handling your budget, cash flow and savings too.

David and Tammy hold regular networking events and workshops, with their elite team of specialists, to end your money issues and create breakthroughs to victory for that dream lifestyle you deserve!


Adults today:

  • Do not feel fulfilled.
  • Experience an extreme lack of liquid assets.
  • Suffer high anxiety over money.
  • Are worried about the future of their family.
  • Have little or no hope of retirement.
  • Are overloaded with debt.
  • Feel like a slave to their job to make ends meet.
  • Feel as if they have limited control over their income.

The solution it to implement a simple system that compounded over time results in extraordinary results.

Learn How To…

  • Take control over your finances.
  • Increase your understanding of money/finances.
  • Everyday simple steps can help you to gain control of your financial future.
  • Reduce stress and anxiety around finances.
  • Reduce, and ultimately eliminate, debt.
  • Take control over your spending and put your savings on auto-pilot.

In These Pages You Will Uncover…

  • How to save and invest for your future.
  • Why you are where you are with your finances (identify and acknowledge your current state).
  • Create a compelling reason why you want to change your lifestyle and your current habits when it comes to money.
  • That you have a choice over the pace at which you become rich.
  • How to spend wisely.
  • A simple system to control your spending.
  • Small easy steps, compounded over time, result in success!


  • Majority of adults today are not on track with their finances.
  • 80% of 30-54 year olds will not have enough money saved for retirement.
  • Reduce the #1 cause of relationship challenges, financial stress.
  • This book provides the ‘know how’ to prevent working through retirement.

“Anyone who’s ever wanted to be able to take control of their financial future can benefit from the down-to-earth knowledge in this book. Powerful, practical and solid advice on simple steps to take control of your finances. Apply David & Tammy Stanley’s knowledge and you’ll Ignite your Freedom!” – Igor Klibanov, Author of Stop Exercising! The Way You Are Doing It Now

“Freedom = (Time + Money)2 cuts straight to the chase on what you need to do to make the most of the opportunities that come your way. Here is a powerhouse book of tips, tactics and approaches for creating and owning your financial freedom that simply work. A brilliant book!” – James R Johnson Jr., Author of The End Of BS

“So many people fail to take control of their finances. Reading the tips in this book will help anyone overcome that obstacle and succeed. Ignite your Freedom!” – Ahmad Duranai, Author of The Leadership Zone