Dave & Wendy Smythe



Dave and Wendy Smythe started their home plumbing and home repair business in 2004 working from their spare bedroom and using one truck. They have grown their company to a team of 12 and are continuously growing. Their commitment to many animal charities through donating time and much-needed funds has been an absolute priority for them. Dave has already written one book on personal development, and both Dave and Wendy are keen to pass on their knowledge of personal development to their team to help them all live a happier and more satisfying life.

Dave and Wendy emigrated from the United Kingdom to Canada in 1999. Although Dave had completed an apprenticeship in the UK, the skills were not a perfect match to those required in Canada. Dave decided to focus his skill s into the plumbing industry and completed a plumbing apprenticeship.

In 2004, Dave and Wendy started their own service business providing numerous home-related works including plumbing.

In the early days, both Wendy and Dave did all of the physical work and admin work and over time, as apprentices were added and the team grew, the busines focused purely on plumbing only tasks.

By continually providing exceptional plumbing services and bringing professionalism back to the trade, the business grew and has received many awards from well-known organizations including the Better Business, Top Choice, Consumer Choice and HomeStars. Dave was also awarded Businessman of the Year in 2013.

Over the years, Dave and Wendy’s business has continually grown the number of positive reviews on multiple platforms like Google, Facebook, and HomeStars. Dave has also been asked to appear on TV and radio programs multiple times to discuss current plumbing issues affecting homeowners.

Dave and Wendy are best known for their support of local animal charities, with financial and volunteer time at events.


In this day and age, there are lots of stories of homeowners who have had terrible experiences with contractors which leave them skeptical and scared when having to find a contractor to repair a problem in their home.

Dave and Wendy have listened to these concerns from clients over the years in their plumbing business. For those same years, Wendy and Dave have grown the business by providing peace of mind to all of their clientele. By providing professional, trusted services for so many years, they know exactly what to look out for when you need to call in your contractor. By speaking with many other trade professionals, Wendy and Dave have been able to create the best manual for putting your mind at rest if you are in need of using a plumber or other home service contractor.


Learn How To…

•  Find a contracting professional that will take care of your problems while ensuring you get the best treatment.
•  Confidently hire the most trustworthy and best home contractor.

Uncover In These Pages…

How to provide the best information to homeowners so they can confidently hire a home service contractor that can truly be trusted and relied on, and have an ongoing relationship with.

• The times and reasons when you would call a plumber (or any home contractor).
• Who do I need to call for the work I would like to have done.
• Researching the contractor or company.
• Expectations: What are yours and do they differ from your contractors.
• Safety and comfort when working with contractors.
• Cost, pricing, value, how contractors differ.
• Initial contact: Do you feel good vibes towards your service provider?
• The appointment; What to expect when your contractor shows up.
• What’s next, now that the work is complete? Will your contractor forget about you?
• Why your contractor needs to be licensed and competent.