Dr. Daleen Smal



For almost forty years, Dr. Daleen Smal worked as economist and central banker in the South African Reserve Bank and was involved with monetary policy formulation. She spearheaded the research and modelling teams, giving sound advice to decision makers and playing a highly respected role in the economic reality of a nation. She authored several policy papers and travelled the world to participate in policy workshops and seminars.

Following her active career in the central bank, she founded a number of successful businesses. She is a public speaker and attended summits by world-renowned speakers and business owners such as Sir Richard Branson, JT Foxx, Roger Hamilton, Andy Harrington, Michelle Mone MBE, George Ross, Brian Tracy, and Steve Wozniak. She has met and interacted with many celebrities along the way, such as Kavita Channe, Al Pacino, Wayne Allen Root, and Sylvester Stallone among others.

Daleen is well known and widely appreciated for her positive and mentoring spirit, always offering encouragement and guidance to the people in her world, helping them achieve great results for themselves, their families, and their businesses. She has an unshaken commitment to the empowerment of people and has a warm heart, especially towards those who may not have had many opportunities to develop entrepreneurial dreams.

Combining her understanding and knowledge of business, financial markets, and the functioning of the economy, she developed the Grow-Your-Own-Economy Solution™ to help others win the wealth game. Ever willing to share her knowledge and truly believing in what she does, she is now making available to the world her wisdom, providing to many a chartered plan to manage finances and increase wealth to create their own personal dream life and legacy.


Are you overburdened and struggling under the weight of debt? Do you want more control over your finances and more time to spend with your family? Perhaps you want to get out of your dead-end job or get your business on a better footing. If so, it is time to say goodbye to your fears and stresses that revolve around finances. Learn how to play the wealth game and win!


Manage your money and master strategies to increase your wealth through passive income streams or by starting your own business. Daleen Smal answers your questions and shows you what you need to do to stop your financial worries, get out of debt, become financially free, and live the life you’ve been dreaming of.

IN THE PAGES OF HOW TO WIN THE WEALTH GAME, you will discover a truly navigable roadmap that any ordinary person or business owner can take to change his or her life. Stop being burdened by debt and have enough money to be completely financially free! Daleen’s simple-to-follow system will show you how.

  • Limiting beliefs prevent you from living the life you deserve.
  • Set goals to achieve what you want.
  • Understand the fundamentals of money, which will empower you to make informed decisions.
  • Change your spending habits to  get you out of debt for good.
  • Organise your budget and investments to create wealth.
  • Achieve positive cash flow every month, leaving surplus for you to invest.
  • Build your net worth, which is vital for a wealthy lifestyle.
  • Create passive income streams in order to get out of your job.
  • Be an entrepreneur! It will boost your wealth.
  • The right business entities will protect your wealth.
  • Building business systems will allow your business to operate without you.
  • Giving back to others in gratitude builds your legacy and changes the world—and you—for the better.

“So many people blame the economy or others. Reading this book will help anyone to understand the solution lies within them. Master yourself and you will master your finances and wealth.” Shirley Anthony, author of The New Entrepreneur

“This book will show you a roadmap to creating true wealth – whether you aspire to become a millionaire and build an empire or simply beat the debt-trap and live without financial worries.“ – Sindi Zilwa, author of The Ace Model

The Art of Money shows insights across a broad spectrum of issues, including limiting mind-sets, mastering personal finances and starting and growing your own business.”Tsitsi Musasike, author of Moneynomics

The Art of Money is not just about money but achieving happiness and wealth as a well-planned life strategy.”Dr. Iqbal K M, author of Unlimited Income Now

“This book is elegantly simple and profoundly far-reaching to allow you to achieve legacy status.”Princess Tsakani Nkambule, author of From the Bedroom to the Boardroom.

“Daleen Smal has a blueprint to help you live and finish rich regardless of where you start. It is inspiring, easy to follow and based on proven financial principles.   How to Win The Wealth Game has been a mind-shifting read. The way in which she practically explains complex fundamental financial strategies and mistakes made, can easily be understood by anyone. The book is easy to read and really delivers great reward for minimal effort. I will proudly recommend this book to anybody!”Theo Janse Van Rensburg

“If you want to be not only in control of your money but also prosper financially you have to make use of the opportunity to read The Art of Money. Dr Daleen Smal will motivate you to get started and show you how achievable it is.“ – Suzette Maré

“Insights, principles and perspectives expertly arranged to introduce you to your wealthier self.”Wessel Janse Van Rensburg