Dale Torgerson


Dale Torgerson has an extensive background in Corporate and Government Finance. He spent 28 years at Lockheed Martin working in all aspects of finance, and served as a budget and cost analysis officer in the active duty Air Force and Reserve over an 18-year period. In 2003, Dale entered the world of Hyperion Planning and Essbase as a user/administrator and soon moved to Subject Matter Expert, Developer, Trainer, and eventually Architect and Technical Team Lead. He was among the first group selected to report to Lockheed Corporate Finance as part of the corporate plan, making Hyperion Planning and Essbase the official Planning and Budgeting tool for all of Lockheed Martin.

Dale ended his career at Lockheed Martin as a member of Corporate IT, supporting design, development, test, and post go-live activities for Hyperion Planning and Essbase projects at various divisions of Lockheed. After early retirement he went into consulting with Harbinger Consulting-Group (HCG) in Minneapolis in 2010, and has successfully completed projects with Research Now, Boston Scientific, Gander Mountain, Christiansen Family Farms, Stratasys, Sheridan Healthcorp, Country Financial, LandOLakes, Old Dutch, the State of California, and Chicago Public Schools. Dale has provided training for individuals from Petrohawk, PNC, Trane, Liberty Mutual, Abbott Labs, United Healthcare, St. Jude Medical, Wolters Kluwar, Ramsey County Minnesota, Mpls/St. Paul Metropolitan Council, Miami/Dade County Florida, Los Angeles County Metro Transit Authority, and many others. In 2014, Dale became an independent consult forming his own company, Dale Torgerson Consulting LLC.


My book lays out the 10 Commandments of Planning and Essbase that have been either forgotten or lost in all the new features. These essential rules are simply not taught anymore. Are your applications slow, do data loads take too much time, is security a nightmare? I can help!

Learn How…

The underlying rules that govern Planning and Essbase
Learn how to streamline data loads, calc scripts, security, and retrievals.

In These Pages You Will Uncover…

The fundamental and underlying principles that make Planning and Essbase applications perform efficiently and rapidly. Just like the Admiral who kept a note in his desk that read, “starboard is right and port is left,” no successful professional or sailor can afford to ignore the basics of their craft.

My Book lays out time-tested methods to improve any Planning or Essbase application. These best practices include the basics that are often missing from sophisticated applications and contribute to headaches and sleepless nights.

Things you’ll learn from Succeed With Oracle, Hyperion Planning And Essbase.

  • How to load data faster
  • How to make calc script/business rules run faster
  • How to speed up Smart View retrievals and reports
  • How to use forms to administer an application
  • What is a “Block” and why it matters
  • What’s the real difference between BSO and ASO, and why you need to know
  • How to make Security work for you
  • When and why to use Attribute Dimensions
  • What are Smart Lists
  • How to make forms do the work for you
  • How to tie it all together with Task Lists
  • What Best Practices you’re forgetting
  • How to optimize your applications