Cynthia Davis


A quarter century spent in the trenches of big – league  corporations like Raytheon Corporation, Lockheed Martin, Bausch & Lomb, and General Electric will  certainly teach you a thing or two.

And when you’ve held positions such as “CEO  of  a publically held consulting company”, “Vice  President of International Business Development”, “Management Consultant”, “Vice President of Global Operations”, and “Executive Vice President”…

You’re bound to learn what it takes to achieve massive  success – on both the individual and corporate level- and how to make it stick!

And that’s exactly where Cynthia Davis honed her  chops.

Of course, her list of responsibilities and  accomplishments is just as impressive: Developing  new markets… increasing sales and profits… domestic  and international business development … building  and revitalizing slumping companies… strategic and  operational planning… distribution and communication  systems… and customer service.

With a background, training, and experience like  this, it’s no wonder Cynthia’s approach to achieving  success in all areas of your life – career and business,  financial, family and relationships – is different than  most coaches.

That’s because, in addition to her 25+ years in the  boardrooms of “Corporate America”, Cynthia has  sought out mentors from both the past and present  who have created the kind of contemplative, deeply– grounded, purposeful life she craved… while at the same time staying fully and vibrantly committed to their own chosen paths and professions.

Then she combined her own experience with the  courage, conviction, integrity exemplified by these  “shining stars”- along with the specific, defined  principles they all lived by- and christened her new  system the “The Golden Thread”.

Today, Cynthia considers herself truly blessed to  be able to share these Master Keys and techniques  with others through her work as an author, speaker,  educator and coach…

…and help these soul searchers – men and women  alike – discover their own identity, create harmony  and balance, and achieve the kind of fulfilling and  joyous life you were born to live!

Her mantra, and her heartfelt wish – is that you too  will uncover and nourish the Wisdom Warrior in  yourself… harmonize your life with these timeless  laws she teaches to create material and spiritual  abundance… achieve inner alignment and peace of  mind… experience profound significance and deep  satisfaction… and enjoy a joyful, rich, and rewarding  life truly “lived on purpose”.


Announcing In Search Of Wisdom…the exciting new guide to “living large”.

In Search Of Wisdom” is the key to unlocking those seeds of greatness lying dormant within you, and transforming your dreams into reality, once and for all!

The journey I lay out for you in this book is certainly not for the faint of heart. And it won’t happen overnight.

But if you’re up for the challenge, then I will guide you clearly, step–by–simple–step, along the path followed by all “Wisdom Warriors”-those super– achieving men and women who create anything they want to be, do, or have through conscious, harmonious application of Universal Laws. They meet challenges head – on and stay the course to enjoy Life the way they believe it should be lived…

…whether in finances, career, relationships, or any other area.

And the best part of all this is: You too can be one of these courageous individuals, willing to do whatever it takes to live a life of Purpose, Accomplishment, and Fulfillment… once you’re shown how.

In Search Of Wisdom ”- and The Golden Thread system it teaches – is meant for ANYONE wanting to live a richer, fuller life…

Whether you’re a doctor, engineer, or teacher… housewife,student, or business owner… even retirees can begin living a more extraordinary life starting tomorrow, with the help of “In Search of Wisdom”.

Learn How …
It’s time to stop pounding your head against the wall trying to make a better life using the so – called “secrets” taught by so – called“success gurus”- and instead take the journey that’s GUARANTEED to work.

Look, whether YOUR “burning desire” is for…

  • Freedom (to express yourself and live according to your purpose, to base your choices on what you want rather than what you’re “allowed”).
  • Material gain (like a large home, investments for retirement, cars and boats).
  • Recreation (hopping on a 3 – week cruise, gardening, or just entertaining friends).
  • Love (whether you want to strengthen existing relationships, or find that “one true love” at last).
  • Personal development (time to get fit, learn to play an instrument, or take up painting).

…chances are you’ve hoped and prayed, set goals, visualized, repeated affirmations, and then hoped and prayed some more.

And where has it got you?

With every additional day you go without seeing any result-without your bank account growing, your business taking off,any promotion coming your way, your home life becoming more manageable, or your dream soul mate knocking on your door…

You may have grown more and more frustrated – wondering why you always feel so “stuck”, what’s holding you back, why any results you manage to achieve just don’t last, and why setting goals doesn’t seem to work either.

It’s okay – those are common questions to a common situation.

Many people in fact, after “trying” the Law of Attraction and failing to achieve any real success with it, just lose all hope of ever seeing the bright side of “The Good Life”.

Yet, if you’re like most of the people I coach, this is probably the cause right here:

You’ve been expecting The Law of Attraction to do all the heavy work…

…and THAT my friend simply does not work!

The fact is: Trying to manifest your dreams and create a new life using only the Law of Attraction is like trying to bake a cake with one ingredient. You’re beaten before you even begin.

Fortunately, there IS a better way!

I want to share with you a new way of achieving all you want in Life.

(I say “new” because – although everything you need is close at hand, and as old as Time – they’re likely “new to YOU”. And the way they work together may even seem revolutionary.)

You see, just like baking that cake, creating a life of your own design requires more than just the one ingredient. And the Law of Attraction is only one of several Laws of Success you need to work with… like the Laws of Vibration, Mind, and Allowing.

Because, although they are always there, working on you and the rest of the Universe, and impacting your life – just as Gravity does – the end result may not be something you’re happy with until you learn to “harness”, and work in harmony with their amazing powers.

As i sit here, flipping through the pages of this book,these are just a handful of the things that leap out at me – the discoveries you’ll make, the revelations you’ll have, the wisdom you’ll acquire, and the power you’ll soon be wielding to transform your life and manifest greater abundance, joy, and personal satisfaction than you may have once believed possible.

In These Pages You Will Uncover …

  • What keeps most people from ever achieving all they desire?
  • What did the Secret not tell you about the real way to profit from the Law of Attraction?
  • What Universal Laws are you not making full use of, yet?
  • To eliminate those sabotaging beliefs and habits that have been holding you back.
  • The principles followed by all great successes, and a step – by- step plan for integrating them into your own life.
  • How to instantly begin harmonizing with the universe’s natural flow of abundance.
  • The “weapons” (strategies, principles, and techniques) you can use to defeat self– doubt, discouragement, distraction, and other obstacles … and achieve tremendous, consistent success.
  • The surprising source of your greatest power-and how you can instantly plug right in to it, to fuel your efforts and achievements.
  • Simple yet powerful exercises that will embed these strategies at the deepest levels of your consciousness.
  • The most powerfully effective visualization techniques.
  • Identifying the beliefs that have been holding you back, and formulating a new, empowering ones.
  • Removing resistance to your dreams (often caused by a limiting belief such as “But I don’t really DESERVE such abundance and happiness”).
  • How to match YOUR vibration to that of your desire.
  • The secret of making affirmations actually WORK for you.
  • What to do when you hit that “brick wall” (as we all do, sooner or later).
  • The connection between your physical senses and your spiritual senses.
  • How to determine where you are on the Vibrational Scale and why it’s important.
  • An easy way to change your vibration in a heartbeat … and, as they say, so much more!