Comet Tho and Matthew Tham


Matthew was born into a lower-middle income family. At age 30, he made a choice to leave his comfort zone in order to explore what he was made of, so that he could make a difference to the world around him. He and his wife are the proud parents of one daughter, Iliana.

Matthew is a wealth adviser to some of the highest income-earners in numerous industries, and his clients rave about him. It’s important to him to teach and lead by example, as he works hard to inspire and empower his audience. He is unrelenting in helping those who are willing and ready to transform. Wherever he goes, his forthrightness coupled with his larger-than-life personality help him win friends who are ready to faithfully count on him for his advice, especially in difficult situations.

Matthew is a former radio personality and is currently a wealth manager, speaker and financial educator with footprints throughout Southeast Asia.

Comet has been with Prudential since 2007 where she was promoted from Financial Consultant to Senior Financial Consultant, followed by Executive Financial Consultant within five years. She was accredited as a Prudential Service Mark Financial Consultant, voted by her clients as having the highest level of professionalism and excellent services.

Some people know her as Wai Heng; all her clients know her as Comet. When she joined the insurance business, she named herself Comet, which sounds similar to her Chinese name (Hui Xin). It’s a metaphor, because initially, she wanted to be a star. Today, Comet simply aims to evolve into a great insurance businessperson.

Before joining the industry, she was a factory worker, computer technician, and body therapist. She used to suffer from insecurities and worried about life’s uncertainties, until one day she realized the missing piece: sound financial planning. She is down-to-earth, realistic, and believes that to have what she wants; she has to plan and act on it.

Comet is a great believer that when wealth planning is done properly, one can better focus on other areas of life, like daily life activities, career advancement and leisure time with loved ones.


Why is it that so many people have struggled to be wealthy but never even come close to becoming financially free? It is because, by nature, most of us are programmed to be mediocre? Perhaps we have simply never been taught how to become wealthy. How often do we hear of people who are capable of riding a bicycle without first being taught to do it? Just as a skill like riding the bicycle needs to be taught and learned in most cases, so does wealth creation. The more we learn and train ourselves, the higher our wealth literacy becomes. The Wealth Builder will help you gain wealth literacy and grow your way to wealth.


You can avoid the predicament of lacking the know-how to protect and create your wealth, mismanaging your basic personal finance, and outliving the resources you amass through all your hard work. You need not have to depend on others to rescue you when time comes for you to retire. You will learn that there is more you can do to propel yourself towards successful wealth protection and creation than you have ever imagined. You will also see the power that your growth in wealth literacy has on the growth of your current wealth. Instead of predicting your financial future, start creating one by building the wealth you want, through the mastering of the secret to wealth that lasts.


You are earning no more or no less than what you are currently earning because that is what you have chosen to settle for. Remaining in your current comfort zone will very likely make you highly uncomfortable once time is no longer on your side.

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