Claire Wong


Claire Wong is a real estate consultant, author, and speaker. Having spent six years in a corporate job that involved extensive travelling, Claire ventured into real estate after having her first child when she realized that her corporate career no longer fit her new commitments. The first couple of years in the real estate industry were not easy because it was during an economic downturn. However, with passion and perseverance, she managed to build up a good business. Twelve years later, she is a successful real estate consultant working with many millionaire clients.

In 2013, Claire ventured into the British and Australian property markets, proving that she is now a global success at what she does. Her wish is to help others succeed in building a successful property portfolio that will grow their wealth.

Claire had won several Top producers award in the course of her Real Estate career. She had helped many clients acquire properties both in Singapore and overseas, such as in Malaysia, London, and Australia.


Property investing looks difficult, complicated and can be intimidating. Ultimately, it is a big purchase decision one has to face as one worries about losing money instead of profiting from the investment. By reading this book, you will get an overview of property investment and understand the benefits of property investment. You will be able to kick-start your property investment portfolio. You will be able to avoid the pitfalls of paying too much for an investment property or go through the pain of losing your hard-earned money. You will learn how the property tycoons build their property portfolio and follow their strategy to successfully build your own property portfolio.


  • You can finally embark on the rewarding journey of Property Investing. Learn the 7 Successful ways of investing and building wealth through Real Estate.
  • You can finally create your wealth through property investment and not count on your day job for the accumulation of wealth.


Property Tycoon Code Book will share the insights you need before embarking on property investing. You will learn how to kick-start your property investment.

  • How to begin Real Estate Investing.
  • Why invest in Real Estate.
  • How to invest in Real Estate.
  • Where to invest in Real Estate.
  • When to invest in Real Estate.
  • What to invest in Real Estate.
  • 7 successful ways of investing and building wealth through Real estate.