Christine McCarron


Christine McCarron spotted her first real estate bargain at age 16 but was told that “Girls don’t do that!” When she decided to do it anyway 6 years later, she quickly found out how much she didn’t know about real estate investing.

After losing several investment properties to foreclosure and short sale, McCarron made it a personal mission to understand market cycles. In 2008, she successfully sat for the Massachusetts Real Estate Exam, becoming a real estate agent and in 2011, got her broker’s license.

Christine is determined that other women should not have to live through the same difficult and expensive lessons that she has and now dedicates her time to helping buyers and sellers understand and anticipate market changes to create lasting legacies of financial independence.

Christine is a member of the elite team of RE/MAX Luxury Sales Agents and consistently ranks in the top tier of agents in gross sales. She has directly helped scores of clients to create passive income through real estate and has inspired countless others through her public speaking and writing. Her bi-monthly blogs are eagerly anticipated events for her loyal fans covering diverse topics from screening prospective tenants to solar energy.

Besides her love for real estate, Christine is a fan of the arts, donating both her money and time to Boston-area theaters, music and indie movie houses. Having achieved her goal to have houses in the mountains and on the beach, she is now in the design phase of a 10-unit Green condo development, her largest project to date.


Are you tired of working for others, trading your time for a few dollars? Do you want to be able to stop working while you’re still young enough to enjoy life? What if you could take $50,000 and turn it into financial freedom? What if you could create a legacy for future generations? What if you could learn the insider secrets to understanding real estate cycles? You can! These things and more are possible and much more comfortable than you ever imagined! Empower your inner millionaire and follow the path to independence!


You can finally stop worrying about how you can pay your bills, send the kids to college and still save for retirement. You will learn the insider secrets of real estate and understand when and how to invest for maximum gain. You will see the power of using OPM (other people’s money) to build a portfolio that will start paying you back right away. The knowledge in this book will turn your modest savings into financial freedom for you and a legacy for generations.


Help your tiny nest egg hatch a golden goose through informed real estate investing.

• Learn to spot market trends.
• Identify the best type of investment for you.
• Create a comprehensive plan for financial independence.
• Reap huge tax benefits.
• Create an income stream.
• Empower future generations.
• Learn about the different types of real estate.
• Understand market cycles.
• Ask the right questions when hiring contractors, accountants, attorneys, etc.
• Learn about passive real estate investment options – don’t be a landlord.
• Understand leveraging and when to use it.