Christian Schwaerzler


Christian Schwaerzler, once a self-professed couch potato, reassessed hisbusy, unhealthy lifestyle and made apowerful choice to change it! Through his life-changing journey of losing 60 kilograms over2.5 years, he prioritized the important aspectsof his life and reclaimed his wellbeing, fitness,and health.

Despite a demanding corporate job with tightdeadlines and lots of travel, Christian developedhis own way to reach his goals: no boot camps,no personal trainers, no fancy pills, no faddiets, no special shakes, no meal deliveries—just plain hard work, belief, and passion. Sincegetting off that couch, he has competed in overseven Ironman and ten Hal-Ironman Triathlons,along with numerous other races. He is nowa certified coach with Triathlon Australia andstudying with the Ironman University.

Now he wants to share his secrets with you!

In this book, Believe, Commit, Act, you will begiven the tools to help you find the courageand conviction through passion, belief, andcommitment to discover the person you aretruly destined to become. Don’t waste any moretime talking about! Strip away the unnecessaryand lighten the mental load. Move forward withclarity and decisiveness to really take charge ofyour future.

Christian will challenge the way you look atwho you are and what truly drives the decision-making in your life. Don’t fear the potential outcome of your success. Clear the distractionsand embrace the outcomes and benefits of thepositive choices you make. Create lasting changeby incorporating powerful choices into your life,and unleash your true potential.


Have you ever felt overwhelmed, as if everything is out of your control? Do you put your health and wellbeing last? Do you feel that you don’t have a choice? This book will empower you to take back control and improve your lifestyle, health, and wellbeing. It provides the tools you need to help you make powerful choices that will help you transform the way you live your life.


Apply the 4 Dragon Rules to your Life.

You will learn the process of sharpening your focus and prioritizing the important details that will help you live a more fulfilling, successful, and healthier life by choosing what is right for you!


You will be empowered to improve your lifestyle, health, and wellbeing.

Break free and overcome issues such as:

  • Self-imposed limits.
  • Confidence issues.
  • Coping mechanisms.
  • Making excuses.
  • Choose your attitude.
  • Strengthening relationships.
  • Work before health.
  • Lighten the mental load.
  • Being worthy.
  • Becoming passionate.
  • Believing in yourself.
  • Don’t think about it; commit and act.