Chris Johnson


Chris Johnson is an author, a proficient public speaker and coach. He is now a successful CEO of multiple companies. He studied Religion in university and has travelled the world to experience different nations’ ideas of health, medicine, and spirituality. Chris’ adventures have led him to places like India, Peru, and China. He also studied nutrition for over 20 years at home in Canada. Having first experienced anxiety as a young child and then bedridden depression for many years as an adult, Chris has always been of the mindset that “life must be better than this.” His interest in bettering himself has led to a life-long spiritual journey culminating in this book.

Chris Johnson had his first experience with anxiety at the age of 8 and massive bouts of depression throughout his adult life. By focusing on nutrition and some key practices, he was able to not only overcome these psychological hurdles, but also thrive. Happyology is his first book which gives a step-by-step strategic guide to success and Happiness.

The poles prove it! Most people in North American society are unhappy. (The “good news” – you’re not alone.) Although the Instagram memes say otherwise, it’s not as simple as “choosing” happiness. Happyology gives you the tools to undo years of constant conditioning and unproductive patterns. Learn what you can do NOW to make your life better and the practices you can utilize to become successful…and Happy!


You can finally break the cycle of regret and worry. Get rid of the need to run the “rat race”. No longer will you have to search for your life’s purpose.

You will see the power of realizing that Happiness comes from within and not from external sources. You’ll be given powerful tools to realize your true potential.


An easy to follow, comprehensive step-by-step guide to Happiness.

• Get rid of the environmental chaos that disrupts your life.
• Understand the critical relationship between your gut and your mind.
• Calm your mind, even in stressful situations.
• Master the powerful practice of living in the moment.
• Put people and things into their proper perspective
• Master the simple strategy that makes waking up every morning a joy.
• Give your life meaning and find your life’s purpose.