Charlotte Gwilliam


Charlotte Gwilliam was raised on a small farm in Rustenburg, South Africa, but could speak three languages by the age of four. Perhaps it was this affinity that helped her land a position at a travel agency as an adult. She would eventually go on to work in the tourism field in Johannesburg, and during that time, won several travel awards, while attending as many travel courses as possible.

Charlotte has been working in the travel industry for 18 years in both leisure and corporate travel, and has travelled extensively.

People often complain about the lack of service they receive while travelling, or that they were simply not fully informed of some details regarding their trip. Travelology was written to ensure that all travelers are armed with knowledge about the do’s and don’t’s of traveling. It provides advice on every aspect of travel arrangements, and helps to ensure a hassle-free holiday, alleviating those unsuspected surprises.

Charlotte resides in Johannesburg with her partner and two children.


Have you ever booked a trip but weren’t informed about visas, vaccinations or other important information about your travels?

Did you ever wonder where to find information about a trip?

Have you ever felt you weren’t in control of your trip and were anxious about travelling?

Did you ever have to pay for something on a trip you weren’t aware of beforehand?

Have you ever gone on a trip and forgotten something? Have you ever arrived at a destination and felt slightly lost or misinformed?

Learn How . . .

Learn how to find the answers to all your travel questions, how to successfully plan a trip and how to be prepared for all the unexpected surprises. Find out where to look for the answers to all travel nightmare questions and have the most enjoyable time away!

In These Pages You Will Uncover . . .

In these pages you will uncover how to plan and budget for your trip, as well as where to find the information required for your journey. You’ll discover what to pack and will learn all about the hidden surprises that can spring up during your time away. You’ll become the fully-informed traveler with knowledge on all aspects of making a trip.

This book will enable you to plan and make your trip as stress-free as possible with no hidden surprises and no unexpected costs, and will give you the knowledge to take your next holiday fully prepared so that you can truly enjoy your travel experience.

  • Choose the trip that suits your needs and your budget
  • Learn what to look out for when selecting an airline, accommodations and/or transport
  • Find out just what to pack for your trip
  • Learn why travel insurance is important, which option to choose and how the claim process works
  • Find out about different types of foreign exchange options so you’ll know what will work best for you
  • Find out all you need to know about visas and passports
  • Discover information regarding vaccinations and health before and during your trip
  • Uncover why customs needn’t be a nightmare
  • Learn how to plan and prepare yourself for the unexpected during your trip.